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NATO Allies boost support to Ukraine🇺🇦

NATO Allies are boosting their political and practical support to Ukraine as it continues to defend itself against Russia’s full-scale invasion. Thousands of anti-tank weapons, hundreds of air-defence missiles and thousands of small arms and ammunition stocks are being sent to Ukraine. Allies are also providing millions of euros worth of financial assistance and humanitarian aid, including medical supplies to help Ukrainian forces.

Belgium🇧🇪, Canada🇨🇦, the Czech Republic🇨🇿, Estonia🇪🇪, France🇫🇷, Germany🇩🇪, Greece🇬🇷, Latvia🇱🇻, Lithuania🇱🇹, the Netherlands🇳🇱, Portugal🇵🇹, Romania🇷🇴, Slovakia🇸🇰, Slovenia🇸🇮, the United Kingdom🇬🇧 and the United States🇺🇸 have already sent or are approving significant deliveries of military equipment to Ukraine. Ukraine has already received critical weapons, including Javelin missiles and anti-aircraft missiles, from NATO Allies, as well as millions of euros of financial assistance. Albania🇦🇱, Bulgaria🇧🇬, Croatia🇭🇷, Denmark🇩🇰, Hungary🇭🇺, Iceland🇮🇸, North Macedonia🇲🇰, Norway🇳🇴, Poland🇵🇱, Portugal🇵🇹, Romania🇷🇴, Slovakia🇸🇰, Slovenia🇸🇮, Spain🇪🇸, the United Kingdom🇬🇧 and the United States🇺🇸 are offering humanitarian aid or opening their borders to Ukrainian refugees. Croatia🇭🇷, Poland🇵🇱 and Romania🇷🇴 are already welcoming Ukrainian refugees. Italy🇮🇹 is also providing immediate financial assistance to the Ukrainian government, and Turkey🇹🇷 has deepened its defence ties with Ukraine and offered humanitarian aid.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: ❝I welcome that Allies are stepping up to support Ukraine, with additional military equipment, financial assistance and humanitarian aid. Self-defence is a right enshrined in the UN Charter, and Allies are helping Ukraine uphold that right. This sends a clear message of NATO’s full support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.❞

These additional contributions build on many years of NATO assistance to Ukraine. NATO has helped to train, fund and reform Ukraine’s armed forces and defence institutions since 2014. In the current crisis, the Alliance is helping to coordinate Ukraine’s requests for assistance and is supporting Allies in the delivery of humanitarian and non-lethal aid

Source: NATO Facebook page


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