The many roots of Mozambique’s deadly insurgency

New field research in Cabo Delgado sheds light on one of Africa’s least understood violent conflicts Conflict erupted in Mozambique’s northern Cabo Delgado province just a few years after some of Africa’s biggest gas reserves were discovered in the Rovuma Basin off the coast. Mozambicans see this as no coincidence. A new study by theContinue reading “The many roots of Mozambique’s deadly insurgency”


By Yohane Mbeeya Moono Kenya is one of Africa’s biggest economies and one of Africa’s preferred Tourist destinations. Kenya is home to over 50 million people. The country has long held the view that it is home to Africa’s growing democracies. The country recently conducted elections which have gone to the highest court of thatContinue reading “KENYAN ELECTIONS: ODINGA CHALLEGES RUTO’S VICTORY”

List of Africa’s Longest Serving Presidents 👇

1. Teodoro Obiang | Equatorial Guinea 🇬🇶 | 43 years (since 1979) His son, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue has been his Vice President since 2012. He seized power from his uncle, Francisco Macías Nguema who ruled the country from 1968 to 1979. He was the country’s first President. 2. Paul Biya | Cameroon 🇨🇲 |Continue reading “List of Africa’s Longest Serving Presidents 👇”


By Concerned Citizen Former Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu ruled Zambia for 7 years and upon assuming the highest office of the land, he adopted autocratic tendencies where he unleashing the unprecedented level of cadreism on the ordinary citizens whom he swore to protect by virtue of Oath of Presidency. During his reign as PresidentContinue reading “EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU NEED TO ACCEPT REALITY AND BE A STATESMAN.”

Baroness Scotland re-elected as Commonwealth chief in blow to Johnson

“Britain fails to install Jamaican challenger as secretary-general” Boris Johnson has failed to oust a Labour peer as leader of the Commonwealth after she narrowly survived a challenge from the foreign minister of Jamaica. Baroness Scotland of Asthal will remain secretary-general after scraping enough votes during a long closed-doors session at the Commonwealth summit inContinue reading “Baroness Scotland re-elected as Commonwealth chief in blow to Johnson”


1. Kazungula Bridge Project Kazungula Bridge is a road and rail bridge over the Zambezi river between the countries of Zambia and Botswana at Kazungula. The bridge was opened for traffic on 10 May 2021. In August 2007 the governments of Zambia and Botswana announced a deal to construct a bridge to replace the existingContinue reading “TOP 10 MEGA PROJECTS IN BOTSWANA (COMPLETED & ONGOING) 🇧🇼”

Globalization Sacrificed at the Alter of Power: the case of the Russian Aggression in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has led Russia since 1999 with a hiatus of one term when he served as Prime Minister to then President Medvedev. In 2015 during the reign of President Barrack Obama, Russia managed to annex Crimea Region from Ukraine.Earlier this year, President Vladimir Putin was at again by declared that Luhansk and Donetsk wereContinue reading “Globalization Sacrificed at the Alter of Power: the case of the Russian Aggression in Ukraine”

Belgium King to visit Congo DR

Belgium’s King Philippe on Tuesday begins a historic visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, in a region cruelly exploited by his ancestors. The six-day trip, at the invitation of President Felix Tshisekedi, comes two years after Philippe expressed to the Congolese leader his “deepest regrets” for the “wounds” of colonisation. The visit, the monarch’sContinue reading “Belgium King to visit Congo DR”

US -Russia War on Africa

The US State Department released a report concerning Russia’s “Disinformation” on the continent of Africa. “In some parts of Africa – including, most recently, Mali – Kremlin-linked proxies exploit instability to gain influence, particularly through disinformation and the deployment of the Wagner Group forces.” The US Stated Department stated The department also reported that anContinue reading “US -Russia War on Africa”

Gun control

By Alexander Meeks In a passionate address to the nation yesterday, President Joe Biden called for stricter gun laws — including a ban on assault weapons, tougher background check laws and a higher minimum age of purchase if lawmakers cannot agree on an outright ban. His plea to lawmakers comes as many Americans remain rattledContinue reading “Gun control”

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