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Are red flags about Islamic State in South Africa alarmist?

Alarm bells about the threat of terrorism in South Africa have recently been sounding more stridently and more often. Are these false alarms or is the danger growing? This question is complicated by the fact that the warnings are largely from foreigners, especially the United States (US). To many, this indicates alarmism or even outsideContinue reading “Are red flags about Islamic State in South Africa alarmist?”

US -Russia War on Africa

The US State Department released a report concerning Russia’s “Disinformation” on the continent of Africa. “In some parts of Africa – including, most recently, Mali – Kremlin-linked proxies exploit instability to gain influence, particularly through disinformation and the deployment of the Wagner Group forces.” The US Stated Department stated The department also reported that anContinue reading “US -Russia War on Africa”

Gun control

By Alexander Meeks In a passionate address to the nation yesterday, President Joe Biden called for stricter gun laws — including a ban on assault weapons, tougher background check laws and a higher minimum age of purchase if lawmakers cannot agree on an outright ban. His plea to lawmakers comes as many Americans remain rattledContinue reading “Gun control”

President Biden in Asia

The Cable News Network popularly known as CNN is reporting that On his first trip to Asia since taking office, President Joe Biden said today that the United States would respond militarily if China tries to take Taiwan by force. “That’s the commitment we made,” he told reporters in Tokyo, Japan. The President’s statement caughtContinue reading “President Biden in Asia”


(AFRIKA must prepare now against future sanctions using the Russian scenario as a lesson.) The world is fast speeding deep into this Era of Sanction – Wars where “the West” can destroy any nation that they hate by severely sanctioning it – to death. “The West” has sanctioned Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Cuba, Libya,Continue reading “AFRIKA MUST PREPARE NOW AGAINST FUTURE SANCTIONS”


By Sakwiba Sikota His Excellency President Rupiah Bwezani BANDA born on the 19th February 1937, in Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia), will prove to be sui generis. I will leave details of the children and grandchildren he has left behind to others who will write traditional obituaries. All I will say is that he leaves behindContinue reading “LATE PRESIDENT RUPIAH BWEZANI BANDA EULOGY”

NATO Allies boost support to Ukraine🇺🇦

NATO Allies are boosting their political and practical support to Ukraine as it continues to defend itself against Russia’s full-scale invasion. Thousands of anti-tank weapons, hundreds of air-defence missiles and thousands of small arms and ammunition stocks are being sent to Ukraine. Allies are also providing millions of euros worth of financial assistance and humanitarianContinue reading “NATO Allies boost support to Ukraine🇺🇦”

UN Security Council Meets over Russian Aggression

The U.N. Security Council meets after Russia recognized two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine as independent states, in New York City, Feb. 21, 2022. The U.N. Security Council met in an emergency late night session Monday after Russia’s president signed a declaration recognizing two breakaway regions of Ukraine as independent states. “The internationally-recognized borders ofContinue reading “UN Security Council Meets over Russian Aggression”

US Halts Aid to Burkina Faso

The United States has halted nearly $160 million in U.S. aid to Burkina Faso after determining the January ouster of President Roch Kabore constituted a military coup. The decision was made in line with a U.S. law under which U.S. foreign aid – except funds to promote democracy – must be stopped to a countryContinue reading “US Halts Aid to Burkina Faso”


In the words of Thomas Isidore Sankara- Debt is cleverly managed reconquest of Africa aiming at subjugating it’s growth and development through foreign rules. Thus this has successfully managed to make the continent become financial slaves which is to say true slaves. Africa has been projected to have reached an impregnable debt point. Yet theContinue reading “TOP 20 LIST OF THE MOST INDEBTED NATIONS IN THE WORLD.”