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Musokotwane tasks Banda reduce queues at tax paying points remove chaos at all borders

Finance and National Planning Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane today
hosted a strategic visioning meeting for top management of the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

The minister took the opportunity to congratulate newly appointed Commissioner General Dingani Banda
and urged him to oversee the establishment of a tax administration system which has the resilience to
meet the aspirations of all stakeholders, particularly the tax paying community.

He emphasized the need for the ZRA to ensure that all borders are modernised so that they are more client friendly; enhance revenue collection; and, become models of international best practice in tax administration.

“Ensure that you reduce the queues at tax paying points and remove chaos at all borders so that there is order and better service for the tax paying public,” Dr Musokotwane instructed Banda and his delegation.

He also urged ZRA to improve customer service and ensure that there is equity, fairness, and decorum in the treatment of all taxpayers.

Banda was accompanied to the strategic visioning meeting held at the Ministry of Finance and National Planning Headquarter in Lusaka by Peter Phiri – Commissioner (Direct Taxes), Moses Shuko – Commissioner (Indirect Taxes & Excise), Sydney Chibbabbuka – .Commissioner (Customs), Bridget
Muyenga – Commissioner (Finance) and Ezekiel Phiri (Director, Research & Strategy).

The Minister, who was accompanied by permanent secretary for Budget and Economic Affairs, Mukuli Chikuba, and Director of Budget, Joseph Nonde, tasked the Commissioner General to ensure that tax revenue performance is improved.

He also urged ZRA to ensure that tax revenue performance is measured against parameters such as tax revenue to GDP ratio – an international benchmark which enables objective comparison of Zambia’s tax revenue performance with that of other tax

After listening to the segment on some of the issues affecting ZRA’s service delivery, the Minister pledged the government’s commitment to priority areas such as the dismantling of K36.2 billion VAT refund arrears, limiting revenue leakages by leveraging on the interface between the Government
Service Bus (GSB) and ZRA systems with key stakeholder institutions.

The session also touched on the
need to build on the success of the Mineral Value Chain Monitoring Project.

Dr Musokotwane advised ZRA to schedule their requirements according to priorities and “take due consideration of issues like impact on the tax paying public; revenue performance; and, competitiveness with other jurisdictions in the region and beyond.”

Banda thanked the Minister for the opportunity accorded to him to serve as the Commissioner General for ZRA.

He pledged to provide the leadership at the ZRA and work towards attaining the expectations as outlined by the Minister of Finance.

This is according to a statement from the Ministry of Finance.

Source: The Mast


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