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Yohane Mbeeya Moono

Patrice Lumumba said that ” Political Independence has no meaning if it is not accompanied by rapid economic and social development” He further said that “African Unity and solidarity are no longer dreams. They must be expressed in decisions”

We have always looked at the Berlin Conference which brought the Scramble for Africa as the beginning of Colonialism. Africans fought valiant for Political Independence and 58 years on, the continent still seeks to have it’s disputes settled by the People that brought colonialism.

The Somalia and Kenya dispute over the Maritime Border which was ultimately settled by the International Court of Justice makes a sad reading. The words of former Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba should reflect in the leaders today. African Unity and Solidarity should be expressed in decisions. One of the ways in which it is expressed is through peaceful resolution of disputes. African problems require African solutions and the Two East African Nations should have known better that the African Borderlines were drawn by Europeans and going to the very people who drew the borders, will heightening their interests in the resources in question.

This moves shows also that African Nations firmly believe that Colonial Masters provide the best solutions to African problems. It further worsens that Neocolonialism is in full effect and more ruthless than the initial Colonialism. It is a fact many African find difficult to accept but based on the decisions taken by the two countries shows that African countries have firm belief in Countries that brought Border Division upon the continent
Africa has the capacity and the potential to settle her own disputes among African States. The decision to go to the International Court of Justice only increase the influence of the Colonial Masters in meddling in African affairs.
Somalia once rebelled a Failed State by then US president George W Bush and the country has not enjoyed political stability from then onwards. Clearly, the interest in the Maritime Border of the Horn Africa goes beyond what meets the African eye.
Julius Nyerere said “Unity will not make us rich, but it can make it difficult for Africa and the African peoples to be disregarded, manipulated and humiliated.” It is against this foregoing that the decision by the Two East African Nations to go to the International Court of Justice is one that does not resonate well with the Aspirations of the Founding Fathers of the African continent bloc.
The African continent bloc should be a Leader in times of disputes among member states. It must be re-echoed that African problems require African solutions. The matter before hand should have African solution to it.
African Unity and Solidarity should be expressed in decisions and this is a perfect scenario to show and echo this cause.
Meaningful African Unity is the only solution to African Problems coupled with this Unity being expressed in decisions and not mere rhetoric. Diplomatic Relations should also have been more effective than ever


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