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We Are Doomed


John Moono

We are Doomed when Social Commentators side with the Oppressors.

We are Doomed when our supposed Saviour becomes the Oppressors

We are Doomed when we become Pessimistic rather than Optimistic

We are Doomed when we become too Negative than Positive.

We are Doomed when Individual Brilliance Supercedes National Brilliance

We are Doomed when Religious Affairs are Treated as Business

We are Doomed when the Value of Others doesn’t permeate Our Artistic Abilities.

We are Doomed when Political Hegemony is Prioritized over National Hegemony

We are Doomed when Spiritual Sanity is only Sanity for Lip Service

We are Doomed when we Choose Servitude over Attitude Change

We are Doomed when Community Sensitization and Development neglected Personal Aggrandisement

We are Doomed when ………………………………………..


Published by MyWritings

A Writer, A Diplomat in Waiting, Climate Change Advocate and a Football Administrator

2 thoughts on “We Are Doomed

  1. I have come to know how writing surely gets to be one of the tools we can use to transform society through your writings Mr Moono.
    Thanks for sharing always


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