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●Zampalm, is Zambia’s largest oil palm plantation and is in Kanchibiya district Muchinga Province.

●Zampalm is 90% owned by the IDC.

●In its current phase, the planted area of oil palm trees is 3,600 hectares of which 2,800 hectares have mature oil palm trees.

● Commercial harvesting from an oil palm tree can occur for 25yrs after the initial harvest two years after planting.

●Currently the company is producing 1700 metric tonnes of crude palm oil per annum.

●Crude palm oil is used in the production of margarine, cooking oil and lotions.

●Zampalm, launched its out-grower scheme in 2019 with an initial number of 500 beneficiaries.

●The oil palm out grower scheme has since grown to 1,000 beneficiaries, as the company increases production of crude palm oil to meet rising local demand.

●IDC through Zampalm has created over 800 jobs.

●95% of the employees are from the local community in Kanchibiya.

●One of the first employees at the plantation is called Bana Mpundu and is currently one of the plantation supervisors.


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