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COUPS IN AFRICA: Whose the Beneficiary?


John Moono

Africa has been beseeched with a lot of political instability in many parts of the continent. The continental body went as far as coming up with a theme of “Silencing the Guns.” The theme was aimed at purging the continent from the troubles of wars which ultimately affect the youth of the African continent, who are mainly co-opted as Young Soldiers.
No part of the continent has experienced more military coups than West Africa. From Mali, Guinea Conakry, Chad, Niger a failed coup attempt to Sudan in the North being the latest to experience a coup. Last month, Sudan had a failed coup attempt.
There is no denying that Political Stability plays a very important role in the development of the continent and the various countries. Politics control almost all facets of human life and when a coup has taken place, whose is it that benefits from the political instability. There is not denying that taken Rwanda as a casing point, that Political Stability is key driver in the development of the country. Egypt is another that can be pointed at for the role Political Stability has played in Development of the country.
The two most recent coups in West Africa have some sentiments which all say that there was poor management of national resources and unequal distribution of national wealth. Africa has always prided herself as the richest continent in the world in terms of the endowment of natural resources. However, it is quite sad that the Continent can not boast of being the most Development and Advanced in all forms of Development.
Suspicions about external involvement in the coups that have beseeched the continent. The coup leaders in the two most recent coup in West Africa are said to have been trained in France which happens to the former colonial masters of Mali and Guinea Conakry. The Coup Leader in Sudan said that the coup was taken in order to prevent an impending Civil War. Who would surely contemplate creating Civil Strife in their own country.
The Political elites and other elite personalities should step up their efforts in ending instability in different parts of the continent. Unless the Political Elites are the greatest beneficiaries from the instability on the continent, the continent will always be beseeched with this instability.
The African political elite should ensure that the continent moves to a stage of stopping to criminalize economic activities. The more economic activities taking place on the continent the better for Africa. A better economy surely saves the continent and the country and other ill planned activities from taking place. A better economy should ensure that the better distribution of national resources and equal distribution of national wealth.
Africa surely can do better unless there is an invisible hand that benefits alot from the instability.


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