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What is Philosophy

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is an attempt to understand the world around us and the reasons for it and us and the things that we do. A lot of it can be introspective and deals with questions as to the ideal society and the motivations of people and why they do things. Philosophy is so fascinating. Philosophy exists in everything. Logic is the philosopher’s toolbox. In philosophy basically you’ll try to knock down what you think you know about a particular view of the world and you’ll do this whether you agree with the view or not. Why? Because only when you challenge your understanding of how some people view the world, can you decide for yourself if theirs is a view worth having. “Philosophy” is really a verb denoting the process of finding and uniting “love” and “wisdom” within yourself. It is essentially the Western world’s version of Inner Alchemy. Philosophy needs to be taught early on in people’s lives. Our personal philosophy reflects in our daily behavior, in the choices we consciously make and in the values we uphold. Free your thoughts, As we learn to Argue. Learn to find your true self. And learn to find reality within you.

As its time for Philosophy. Metaphysics and logic are essential to understand and figure out the mysteries of astronomy, physics and all other sciences. Questions like “What is the world like” can’t have just one answer because they’re so open ended. One question you need to answer before that is “what is the world” so that you can answer what it’s like. Philosophy makes you ask many questions as it branches into sections which classifies your answers that are defined by logic. Philosophy is what you start looking into when the world has gone beyond insane. Then you discover why. The word Philosophy from Greece: Philos vs. Mythos is as Science vs. Storytelling. Philosophy: literally the love for wisdom, meaning the academic study of anything. At first any study is Philosophy, then studies that had strong empirical elements became Science – a search for answer, while Philosophy came to be understood as a way of thinking about questions. Three Major Branch of Philosophy:

Metaphysics – studies of nature of reality.

Epistemology – studies of nature of knowledge.

Value Theory – nature of Ethics & Aesthetics.

The Foundation of Philosophy:

Logic – the way of building strong Arguments that don’t fall to Fallacy. Philosophy is probably the single most important thing we’ve ever done as a species. We are all born philosophers. The universe scientifically looks like an infinite constant reflection of itself, emotions seem to be the same. You can’t have happiness without sadness, as above ,so below etc etc. What if you need to know what life is, too understand what death is? Philosophy is the study of the definition of objective reality. It is hard because mankind has never agreed on the definition of the terms for lying. Philosophy is the understanding of life in the social worlds civilization. Philosophy is an enquiry into the whole world. It is metaphysical, empirical, logical, ethical and aesthetical way of thinking. While other sciences deal with knowledge, philosophy attempts to know if genuine knowledge is possible, if so what are the valid sources of knowledge and what are the limitations of humans in knowledge acquisition. The Imperialism of Western thought. Colonialist nature of philosophy is real and still alive. Ancient writers themselves relate how Greek thinkers “traveled to Egypt to learn in its temples”—among them Thales of Miletus and Pythagoras, who studied in the temples of Heliopolis, Memphis, and Thebes. And Plato himself, the great ancestor of Western philosophy spent thirteen years as a student in Heliopolis. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems , concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, logic and language. It is the rational investigation of the truths and principles. There are two main reasons people study philosophy. The first is simple curiosity, and the love of wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. Meaning , Philosophy comes from our consciousness , When the people started become curious about everything in this world . We started to questioning, like What, Who , and How. That is why religion , science , and beliefs exist because of our thoughts , or consciousness. If you think deeply , everything in this world like, innovation ,technology , and inventions starts with a questions , questions that originated from our thoughts , questions that may answer a problem . Without our consciousness no one will exist ,our society will not gonna move and grow .

Philosophy addresses problems and questions , that arise in all areas of human thought and experience , and in all disciplines. What does it mean? Meaning if someone invent and create, or initiate something, a new questions will arise . Philosophy is either so complex that it is impossible to understand, or so simple that it is impossible to comprehend, or something in between that doesn’t really care about possibilities or impossibilities. Philosophy is whole based on debates from open mind and open end. The origins of philosophy doesn’t come from Greece. That’s just what they teach you in academia. Ancient Irish druids were philosophers, and they pre-date Greek philosophers. Philosophically, there has always been a fine line between populism & nationalism. Whether the former or latter, eventually leads to a better society, or the perception of such by its adherents, is a matter of perception. Possessing a physical time and space; social, economic, and spiritual matters are typically viewed in such a context. Studying philosophy makes people less likely to be manipulated, and that is precisely why it is not included in public school education. If philosophy is about asking the questions why are we taught about all the ways in which people asked the same questions? Why are we called upon to shape our questions with theirs? Why are we shackled to citing principles and doctrines when the essential part of philosophy is to ask the question? Why are we tied to figments of the past that never had a future? Why is philosophy so stuck up, it smiles at the face of anyone that dare ask what is this good for? Why is philosophy? What is in us humans, that makes us so inherently curious about every little thing around us? Is philosophy one of if not the reason we as humans are so advanced compared to the rest of the earth? Philosophy is studying outside of the box. Trying to view things in an otherworldly perspective. Yet logic is the tool we use to view things inside the box. So how can we use logic to find answers that aren’t really part of logic.

And for those of you who are pretty close to a genius-like level, how can this statement above be true when it is formed off on logic.

And how can this statement above be true when it is formed off on common sense (logic). The purpose of life of those who ponder the meaning of life is to find the meaning of life. The goal of philosophy is not to come up with the answers that make the most sense to you, it is to find the Truth. If something is true, it is true. For example, if i believe the sun revolves around the Earth rather than vice versa because it makes the most sense to me that doesn’t make it true, even if you believe it to be so. Philosophy is the study of insanity. Philosophy, so much talking without any real information, it should be grouped together with religion and politics. Philosophy is a bunch of empty ideas. Philosophy isn’t a career or label or something you wear above a name tag, it’s an obsession, and if you are infected by this obsession to know and question and fight to understand the truth, the order of things, the great mystery that will never be completely solved, well, you may very well be a philosopher in every way except being called one. Humans seek meaning above all else; philosophers are the champions and victims of our need and curse for meaning. This is also why in our modern age the term “philosopher” has been besmirched; we are largely an age with no real meaning in our lives/world besides money, war, consumption, and trivial entertainment. Philosophy is for the examination of life, for knowing whether mankind is heading for self-destruction or greater happiness. The latter is not automatically guaranteed since man is responsible for his choices. His choices determine his fate. The philosopher is like the adult in the room.

Philosophy is the ability to question your own thinking, and also expand on the philosophers thoughts that came before you. There’s a timeless principle. The world looks to one as exactly relative to what one positions themselves as. In other words, what one thinks they’re defines what they see as other things could be. ‘who/what am I?’ is the first question, and then begins the true quest for timeless wisdom! First lesson of philosophy is that what ordinarily passes for wisdom in this world is worth little or nothing. The second lesson of philosophy is that attaining wisdom is no more possible for a man than is his attaining perfection. The third lesson of philosophy is that, while both perfection and wisdom are impossible goals, by striving to attain these lofty goals nonetheless, we become better people in the process – in that we broaden our horizons, come to understand different viewpoints and various ways of thinking about life, existence and the world, and, most importantly, come to know ourselves.

Philosophy is vital for critical thinking. The problem with philosophy is, you will run into never ending meta-chains, contradictions, and disagreements. Everything is part of some Philosophy! Philosophy is the answer to wandering human minds. Study & Keep your mind open-minded will get you stronger. Conscious humans tend towards philosophy. There’s no ultimate answer in philosophy just like there’s no god equation in physics (yet). Philosophers are conscious people who gave a lot heed to anything. While most of us spend our lives either worrying about the useless or looking for a deeper meaning or seeking sensual pleasure. Knowledge is power but wisdom is liberty. We hate questions because makes us doubt and face uncertainty. Human dislike uncertainty. They rather be blind than face the harsh reality where the comfort will be threaten and their ideals became weak. Philosophy is low key comedy. Philosophy should be taught in grade school. School doesn’t even teach how to critically think anymore. Philosophy is inspiring. Knowledge is knowing how to be a house, wisdom is knowing not to build it on sand. philosophy is a supervisor of life, it direct our energy in order to put it in a meaningful way to live, philosophy is questioning everything and even questioning the question, philosophy is anxiety that try to lead to answers. The most essential or important fields in philosophy is metaphysics, epistemology and the philosophy of religion. Question like: “what is the meaning of life” or “is there objective morality which is known as moral realism is very much based on all areas, but primarily on the philosophy of religion. Here is the issue: without life being purposely created or caused, there is no such thing as a purpose or meaning in life.

No matter what subjective opinions or ways of looking life you have, the problem lies on the idea, of what can be objectively said to be true or false. We live in a dark time for philosophy; society is routinely bombarded with useless information that promotes hate, sexism, prejudice and ignorance. These issues have always existed but the teachings of philosophy have been obscured and labeled as either dogmatic or even in some circles as evil. The freedom to think for one’s self and make one’s own autonomous decisions is a both a blessing and a curse because most people are not enlightened and poorly educated. This is why it is critical to study, learn and live philosophy. It gives an individual balance and structure. Philosophy should be in taught in public schools to give children balance and perspective. Philosophy is a building block for life, from there you can travel in any direction with the confidence of knowing that you possess the ability to make logical decisions that are tempered with reason. It is more than our ethical duty, it’s a privilege. Philosophy has now become self-help industry unfortunately. Philosophy is the vault where you put all questions that can’t be answered by science or other disciplines. The problem is that, that vault is getting empty. Sciences are solving the questions for long time attributed to philosophy, for example, how to be happy, what is love, how to control our moods, what is the mind, etc. And the possible remaining questions would be either impossible to answer or senseless or doesn’t have an objective answer. Some of those questions are important, but philosophy is not an authority on them, philosophy is not a science it’s just mere speculation, opinion. If the question is for example, what is the purpose of life, and your opinion is: to be happy, sciences (psychology mainly) would tell you what is happiness and how to get it. We can answer those kind of questions conventionally or democratically too, just ask the community how they want to live. But philosophy doesn’t yield any knowledge. Philosophy seems to be an infinite pursuit of objective knowledge which evidently leads to skepticism and reopens if the skeptic rather than dogmatist prefers consistency over pragmatism. Philosophers are people who waste a lot of time explaining things that are clear to everyone else.

Philosophy is the weapon of the incompetent. Love and wisdom concept is the production of philosophy? This are learned concept for your question of what philosophy is for. Is fallacy in subject essence? Those philosopher comes after them like Pythagorean use those symbols ,alphabets ,word to describe phenomenon only then Romans like Plato use it again for shaping object and human ,then follows all philosopher till now use it blindly pretending they known to say what for, disorder ,disconencted undifferentiated in every filed of language and specific observer phenomenon . Many university teaching mode of philosophy in class room is fraud how one object called teacher explain million years of conciseness with experiencing without past formation they teach to more than 25 student in a class this is not study, this is production of state of mind by using proposition or phrase because minor topics in any filed philosophy is not about cognition or measurement or logic and reason it is about flows with source and evaluation of human oldest philosopher their is no teacher and student their is discussion between 2 or more observers in what is observed and why? Philosophy is divided into three fields of areas of inquiry or branches while logic serves as a philosophical tool for reasoning and making good arguments when tackling, dealing with ideas, and doing philosophy. The branches are epistemology (the philosophy of knowledge), metaphysics (the philosophy of the origin and nature of being and existence and concepts beyond physical), and value theory (the philosophy of values) which are further divided into ethics (moral and social and or political values) and aesthetics (values of beauty, the beautiful, and art). Philosophy of religion is the branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of God, God’s existence, the problem of evil, God’s attributes, concepts of faith and belief, and philosophical concepts on religion, etc.

Our mind is our blessing and our course at the same time. We are the only beings able to philosophies and the only beings who need that. Mental health must be exercised in order to master it, just like any other type of skill. In order to do this one has to develop a rational mindset and put aside the emotions. This becomes easier as you practice every day on different scenarios. If only people valued philosophy and knowledge, if only schools taught it extensively and mandatorily, then mankind will make significant progress in daily life. Philosophy is the way of return back to yourself.

The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence. And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” Do not kill the part of you that is cringe, kill the part of you that cringes”. “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”. In loneliness, the lonely one eats himself; in a crowd, the many eat him. There will always be rocks in the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how you use them.” The evil of today is often the good of an earlier age.” A mind that pursued to far into itself , and got stuck on the way out.” Talent is hitting a target no one else can hit, genius is hitting a target no one else can see”. I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn’t even matter “A high degree of intellect tends to make a man unsocial”.“Love seems to be implanted by nature in the parent towards the offspring, and in the offspring toward the parent, and in those of the same race towards one another.”

“Those who live in a cold climate and in [northern] Europe are full of spirit, but wanting in intelligence and skill; and therefore they keep their freedom, but have no political organization, and are incapable of ruling over others. Whereas the natives of Asia are intelligent and inventive, but they are wanting in spirit, and therefore they are always in a state of subjection and slavery. But the Hellenic race, which is situated between them, is likewise intermediate in character, being high-spirited and also intelligent. Hence it continues free, and is the best governed of any nation, and, if it could be formed into one state, would be able to rule the world. Being under virtuous is better than being over virtuous. But being over virtuous is more likely to become mid virtuous then being under virtuous. Philosophers always fall for utopian thinking, thinking they can create satisfied individuals. Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. Be kind, for everyone you meet because you never know they are fighting a harder battle. “Optimist: the glass is half full.

Pessimist: the glass is half empty.

Philosopher: what exactly is a glass, and who determines what constitutes that glass as being deemed full. Even so, what is the significance in relativistic terms of which the glass is either full or empty. And more so, can the glass ever be full by the understanding of metaphysical senses to the extent of which, the problems is, popular opinions edge us towards the wrong values, careers and relationships. We become what we contemplate”. It really matters who we admire, because they influence our outlook, ideas and bad conduct. And bad heroes give glamour to flaws of character. The world will not be right until Kings become Philosophers”. “know yourself”.

“If you strengthen your self-knowledge, you don’t get so pulled around by feelings.”True love is admiration’. Kings must become philosophers or the philosophers kings” if only that statement somehow became famous and more important so much about our lives could have been different. Politics was almost always been a game of ignorant, lies and power. If only we could understood the importance of Plato’s statement. Think more is probably the opposite to popular opinion these days. People seem to think that thinking more complicates things. However, the complication doesn’t arise from thinking rather just letting your mind through whatever it receives from the external world and allowing the emotions those thoughts create to take a hold of you, in many ways the exact opposite of thinking consciously. There were fine theatres on both sides.” Every philosophy seems like emphasis on particular part of truth and mostly it is aspect of truth that is peculiar to the philosopher and his circumstances. Hence all philosophies are true, but not whole truth. “Philosophy approaches the truth daily, by new discoveries.” Science is “knowing”, while the art is “doing”. Science is knowledge and art is practice, however, philosophy is the brain function; through which it finds answers to the questions for which science doesn’t have an answer!

The art and science are the products of Philosophy. Philosophy is a way of life. Every human being has a different perspective on what they love. So, let’s say Philosophy is a life itself. Philosophy is a recursive quest for questions, answers and questions within answers. Philosophy means love for knowledge. Philosophy is arm-chair guessing. Science can answer all the questions of philosophy, except that the current picture from science might not be sufficiently accurate (within customary ranges it is sufficiently accurate, unlike in Schopenhauer’s time). The problem is we rarely like what science has discovered, especially when it’s about humans, and their hopes and fears.

So what is Philosophy?

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