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We Search Our Souls

Yohane Mbeeya Moono

The Africa Free Continental Trade Area agreement is the World’s biggest trade agreement signed after the World Trade Organization agreement.

The agreement is expected to help Africa and Africans trade among themselves more free and competitively. The trade agreement is expected to increased the Gross Domestic Product of the Continent by 54% once actualized.

Access to information, Access to Education and access to Capital still remain among the grey areas that are hindering Africa from catapulting herself to be a Self-sustaining continent. Africa signing the trade agreement is what the continent needed in shedding off the tag of perpetual and perennial beggars. Africa remains the most resourceful continent in terms of natural resources and yet the most underdeveloped continent of the continent with human habitation on it.

Africa has not trade much amongst the members of the AfCFTA agreement. A number of shocking trade statistics still crop up on the continent. The intra Africa trade as of 2017 stood at 16.6% while the trade with other continents stood between 80-90 %.

For example, Angola imports Chickens worth $34million annually from Brazil. The question remains why should Angola imports Chickens worth that much and enrich another continent when it can easily collaborate with some African countries to bridge that deficit. Botswana is a major livestock and use to import the raw material for the feed for livestock from Zambia. The Zambian government had to put a ban on the export of soya beans in order to first satisfy the Zambian market.

South African have for sometime now been engaging in Xenophobic attacks on fellow Africans that they are taking away their jobs. Yet businesses are the key to developing Africa. The Democratic Republic of Congo is the richest country in the world by natural resources and can sustain the world for almost 10 years without the resources depleting yet the country remains plagued by disease and undevelopment. Zimbabwe was sanctioned during the reign of Mugabe and Africa and Africans looked away.

Africa through the many initiatives that come up to develop the continent, should first begin to search the souls of the inhabitants of the continent. The ghost of low self esteem and inferiority complex should quickly be banished from the minds and hearts of the inhabitants of the continent.

Africa needs to search it’s Souls


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