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The Upright Man 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫

Thomas Sankara Was So Popular Among His People That Even In Death, His People Still Loved And Adored Him,A Note Was Left At His Graveside Which Reads ‘Do Not Worry,Mama Sankara,We Will Avenge The Death of Your Son,We Are All Sankara’s. Sankara Lived a Brief But Eventful Life, Born in December 1949 and died atContinue reading “The Upright Man 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫”

Prosecutors want Campaore Jailed for 30 Years

Prosecutors in Burkina Faso have asked a military tribunal to sentence former President Blaise Compaore to 30 years in prison. They accuse him of playing a part in the assassination of Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso’s revolutionary leader. He assumed power in 1983 but was shot and killed in 1987 during a coup led by Compaore,Continue reading “Prosecutors want Campaore Jailed for 30 Years”

Thomas Isidore Sankara: A True Statesman whose works still speak for him

As President, he lowered his salary to only $450 a month and limited his possessions to a car, four bikes, three guitars, a fridge and a broken freezer. A motorcyclist himself, he formed an all-women motorcycle personal guard. He required public servants to wear a traditional tunic, woven from Burkinabe cotton and sewn by BurkinabeContinue reading “Thomas Isidore Sankara: A True Statesman whose works still speak for him”

PAN-AFRICAN SERIES: Thomas Isidore Sankara

By John Moono Former Burkinabe President and Pan-Africanist Thomas Isidore Sankara remarked “I think the most important thing is to bring people to a point where they have self-confidence and understand that they can at last be authors of their own well being” The vicious colonial system has been so influencial that it’s effects areContinue reading “PAN-AFRICAN SERIES: Thomas Isidore Sankara”