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PAN-AFRICAN DIARIES: Enock Mankayi Sontonga

Enock ManKayi Sontonga: the Man behind the National Anthems of Some African Nations Enoch Mankayi Sontonga was born in 1873 – 18 April 1905 was a South African composer, who is best known for writing the song “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika” (English: “God Bless Africa”), which, in abbreviated version, has been sung as the first halfContinue reading “PAN-AFRICAN DIARIES: Enock Mankayi Sontonga”


Top 10 Richest African Countries by GDP per Capita (2022)

1. Seychelles🇸🇨 – $14,0872. Mauritius🇲🇺 – $9,0623. Gabon🇬🇦 – $6,8564. Equatorial Guinea🇬🇶 – $6,7785. Botswana🇧🇼 – $6,5266. South Africa🇿🇦 – $5,1217. Namibia🇳🇦 – $4,0848. Libya🇱🇾 – $4,0479. Egypt🇪🇬 – $4,02810. Algeria🇩🇿 – $3,815#TheAfricanNomad 🌐Source: Trading Economics 📸 Victoria, Seychelles 🇸🇨

Durban hit by Floods

At least 45 people have been killed in floods and mudslides after rainstorms struck South Africa’s port city of Durban and surrounding KwaZulu-Natal province. The province’s Department of cooperative governance confirmed this, saying major power plants and water treatment centers have been flooded, hampering services to communities.

Broadband Connection has become an Essential Commodity

African Countries With The Fastest Fixed Broadband🛰 01 Ghana🇬🇭 (79 Globally)Speed: 53.28 Mbps 02 South Africa🇿🇦 (89 Globally)Speed: 47.32 Mbps 03 Egypt🇪🇬 (91 Globally)Speed: 42.42 Mbps 04 Madagascar🇲🇬 (96 Globally)Speed: 38.68 Mbps 05 Cote D’Ivoire🇨🇮 (101 Globally)Speed: 37.36 Mbps 06 Seychelles🇸🇨 (103 Globally)Speed: 37.02 Mbps 07 Senegal🇸🇳 (105 Globally)Speed: 35.28 Mbps 08 Morocco🇲🇦 (110 Globally)Speed:Continue reading “Broadband Connection has become an Essential Commodity”

Top 10 best police force in Africa

1)- Botswana police🇧🇼 2)- Rwanda police🇷🇼 3)- Algerian police 🇩🇿 4)- Senegalese police 🇸🇳 5)- Tunisian police 🇹🇳 6)- Egyptian police🇪🇬 7)- Burkina Faso police 🇧🇫 8)- Ghanaian police 🇬🇭 9)- South African police 🇿🇦 10)- Moroccan police 🇲🇦 Source: Great Africa

Accounting Blunder lands Sibongile in Jail

A South African student has been sentenced to five years in prison after spending almost $1 million, money that was mistakenly sent to her account. Sibongile Mani, 31, a student at Walter Sisulu University in Eastern Cape province, had qualified for 110 dollar monthly food allowances from the National Students Financial Aid Scheme, which aidsContinue reading “Accounting Blunder lands Sibongile in Jail”


Graca Machel, born 17 October 1945, is a Mozambican politician and humanitarian. She is the widow of former presidents of both Mozambique and South Africa and the only woman in modern history to have served as First Lady of two countries; Mozambican president Samora Machel (1975- 1986) and South African president Nelson Mandela (1998 –Continue reading “GRACA MACHEL THE ONLY WOMAN IN THE WORLD WHO SAVED AS FIRST FOR TWO COUNTRIES.”

Remembering Bantu Stephen Biko

Black Consciousness is in essence the realization by the Black Man of the need to rally together with his Brothers around the cause of their subjection – the Blackness of their Skin and Operate as a group in order to rid themselves of the shackles that bind them to Perpetual Servitude. It seeks to demonstrateContinue reading “Remembering Bantu Stephen Biko”

Prosperous African Countries

Top 10 most Prosperous countries in Africa in 2021 by the Legatum Prosperity Index. Cabo Verde 🇨🇻 and Ghana 🇬🇭 are the most prosperous countries in West Africa. Here is a list of 10 countries that are prosperous in Africa 1. Mauritius 🇲🇺 ( 45)2. Seychelles 🇸🇨 (50) 3. Cabo Verde 🇨🇻 ( 80)4. BotswanaContinue reading “Prosperous African Countries”


South Africa is in full support of establishing a single African currency backed by the continental central bank and monetary institute.According to International Relations and Cooperation Minister Naledi Pandor, the establishment of the African Union’s (AU) African Central Bank (ACB), African Investment Bank (AIB) and the African Monetary Institute (AMI) are considered critical to facilitateContinue reading “SA WANTS SINGLE AFRICAN CURRENCY TO BOOST INTRA-CONTINENTAL TRADE”