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Zambia-China Relations: Where does Economic Diplomacy fit in?

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono The Author is An Alumni of the Zambia Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies Zambia got her independence in October of 1964 and was heavily reliant on the South African seaports for exports and imports. Things were to change barely a year after independence when Ian Smith the leader in SouthernContinue reading “Zambia-China Relations: Where does Economic Diplomacy fit in?”

2023 for Socio-Economic Transformation

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono On 9th September, 2022, President Hakainde Hichilema during the opening of the Second Session of the Thirteenth National Assembly addressed the house under the theme “WORKING TOGETHER TOWARDS SOCIO-ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION: STIMULATING ECONOMIC GROWTH FOR IMPROVED LIVELIHOODS.” The address gave intent of the policies that Government is set to undertake in theContinue reading “2023 for Socio-Economic Transformation”

The Switzerland of Africa: New Exciting Investments Destination for Investors

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono Switzerland like Zambia is a landlocked country in the heart of Europe. Switzerland is a peaceful haven for most asylum seekers. This because the country once provided the Jews who fled from the holocaust of Adolf Hitler a safe haven. It is also home to many multinational organisations such as theContinue reading “The Switzerland of Africa: New Exciting Investments Destination for Investors”

Debt Suspension to Spur Zambia to Economic Transformation

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono The period between 2011 and 2021, Zambia under the Patriotic Front led government initiated many capital projects which required heavy Moneta investments. Among them was the Link Zambia Programme which was aimed at the construction of massive road networks across the country in order to open many areas of the countryContinue reading “Debt Suspension to Spur Zambia to Economic Transformation”


By Concerned Citizen Former Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu ruled Zambia for 7 years and upon assuming the highest office of the land, he adopted autocratic tendencies where he unleashing the unprecedented level of cadreism on the ordinary citizens whom he swore to protect by virtue of Oath of Presidency. During his reign as PresidentContinue reading “EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU NEED TO ACCEPT REALITY AND BE A STATESMAN.”

Zambia is back in the Champions League

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono With the coming the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the Zambian Economy began to shrink due to reduced production in key economic sectors. This was exacerbated by the insurmountable debt mountain the country had contracted. The country’s inflation had also been going up which did not help the move of theContinue reading “Zambia is back in the Champions League”

Deal to resolve Zambia’s debt crisis ‘LIKELY’

By Leo Komminoth June 16th 2022 • Zambia • Finance & Services Zambian officials met with an official committee of the country’s international creditors for the first time on Thursday as Lusaka seeks to negotiate a deal to restructure its unsustainable debt load and unlock IMF funding. The official creditor committee consists of members ofContinue reading “Deal to resolve Zambia’s debt crisis ‘LIKELY’”

All Weather Friend -China

The Director General African Affairs, for the People’s Republic of China, Mr Wu Peng, who is in Zambia with a message from His Excellency President Xi Jinping. China and France yesterday chaired IMF Common Framework meeting on Zambia’s debt situation. Zambia needs to be unlocked so that her economy can be opened up to moreContinue reading “All Weather Friend -China”


“Zambia is Back”, said CEO Tristan at the ongoing Mining Indaba in Cape Town South African at the Convention Center during his vote of thanks to President Hakainde Hichilema’s speech at the event.Newly appointed First Quantum CEO Tristan Pascal has indicated that the mining sector and the Government in Zambia are now on the sameContinue reading “ZAMBIA IS BACK”

PAN-AFRICAN DIARIES: Zambia -Democratic Republic of Congo Battery Electric Vehicle Value Chain Agreement

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono Former Congolese Prime Minister and Freedom Fighter Patrice Lumumba once retorted that “Political Independence has no meaning if it is not accompanied by Economic and Social Development.” This statement resonates with the plight of many African communities that have yearned to see the full scale benefits of Political Sovereignty. The concernContinue reading “PAN-AFRICAN DIARIES: Zambia -Democratic Republic of Congo Battery Electric Vehicle Value Chain Agreement”