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Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda was to turn 98 years today April, 28. But for the cruel hand of death. Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda fondly remembered as KK was Zambia’s Founding PresidentIn 1968 three years after gaining Independence, Zambia stayed a night without a President when Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda decided to resign on grounds thatContinue reading “SUPER KEN @98”

PEACE: A priceless commodity worth more than a thousand diamonds

ByMoono John In envisioning the vision of the freedom fighters and their struggle, they went through to get the nation to its current state. It should the pride of every citizen of this country to work towards preserving the commodity that is much more than a thousand diamonds and this is peace. Peace, so preciousContinue reading “PEACE: A priceless commodity worth more than a thousand diamonds”