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By Geoff Paynter Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of my mother, Marta‚Äôs, passing. Having escaped Nazi repression, she went on to become a journalist, writing in English, a language she taught herself when she met my father. She was adventurous and fearless attending strikes, political rallies, riots and scenes of devastation and even joining mercenariesContinue reading “IN MEMORY OF MARTA PAYNTER”

KAMUZWAZI : a village with World War History

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono This is cut from Oral History Mbala formerly known as Abercon is a district that is shrouded in World War History. The town in on the Northern tip of the Northern Province in modern day Zambia. In the year 2018, the World descended on Mbala to commemorate the centinary to markContinue reading “KAMUZWAZI : a village with World War History”

North-Western and North-Eastern Rhodesia

North-Western Rhodesia, in south central Africa, was a territory administered from 1891 until 1899 under charter by the British South Africa Company. In 1890 the British South Africa Company signed a treaty with King Lewanika of the Barotse, one of the most powerful traditional rulers in the territory. The treaty did not confer protectorate statusContinue reading “North-Western and North-Eastern Rhodesia”