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Basic Ingredients of the Zambian Economy System

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono The first Ingredients of the Zambian economic system is its abundant natural resources. Zambia is rich in mineral resources which include among others Copper, Cobalt, Emeralds, Gold and Manganese. She is also blessed with much arable fertile farm soil, and it is blessed with a moderate climate. The country is blessedContinue reading “Basic Ingredients of the Zambian Economy System”

The Limulunga Royal Palace

By Kabeleka Wasa Mundia The history behind Limulunga Palace was founded by the Late Litunga Litia Yeta III the first born of King Lewanika who took over from his father after Lewanika died in 1916 due to kidney failure. Then King Lewanika had established Lubaci village near Limulunga amid opposition from his Indunas. Making mattersContinue reading “The Limulunga Royal Palace”


By Kabeleka Wasa Mundia He was born Akabiwa Sandi Mbikusita Lewanika on 3rd February 1905 in Lealui. He ascended to the throne on 15th December 1968, and reigned until his demise in 1977. His shrine is in Lishekandinde royal village. King Lewanika II received formal education from Barotse National School, University of Capetown (South Africa),Continue reading “LITUNGA LEWANIKA II, KING OF BAROTSELAND FROM 1968 TO 1977”