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Alice Leshina (c. 1919–1978), was the founder of the African prophetic movement referred to as the Lumpa church. A barely literate peasant woman, Alice Lenshina Mulenga, from Kasomo village, Chinsali district, in the northern province of Northern Rhodesia, started the movement among the Bemba, a matrilineal Bantu-speaking people of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). In 1953,Continue reading “ALICE LENSHINA AND THE LUMPA CHURCH”

Alice Lenshina Mulenga

By Moono John The northern circuit of Zambia has had a fair share of its place in the history of the country. Many sons of the soil played their part in shaping the country to what it is today. Chinsali holds a special place in the history of the northern circuit as well as theContinue reading “Alice Lenshina Mulenga”