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Where is Our Christianity

By John Moono The Blood of Political Affiliation is thicker than the Blood of Christ. The Blood of Ethnicity is thicker than the Blood of Christ. Where does Ethnicity become a hot topic in our myopic politicians every election season. Where then is our Christianity We thought we have sanitized our society from the pandemicContinue reading “Where is Our Christianity”


By John Moono On 25 February, 1972 President Kenneth Kaunda announced to the Nation“the Government has decided that Zambia shall become a One-Party Participatory Democracy and that the choice of a One-Party system was by means of a legislative fiat.” It has been difficult to understand the significance of the words “Participatory” and “democracy” afterContinue reading “DEMOCRACY IN A ONE-PARTY STATE”

Alice Lenshina Mulenga

By Moono John The northern circuit of Zambia has had a fair share of its place in the history of the country. Many sons of the soil played their part in shaping the country to what it is today. Chinsali holds a special place in the history of the northern circuit as well as theContinue reading “Alice Lenshina Mulenga”

MWAMBA LUCHEMBE: the man who calls himself Zambia’s second President

By Moono John Mwamba Luchembe was born the 14th of February, 1960 in the Northern Province, of then Northern Rhodesia (present day Zambia). He started his primary education at Local Education Authority School in the Northern Province where he did his grade one. He did his Grade 2 at Nseluka Primary School in Kasama District.Continue reading “MWAMBA LUCHEMBE: the man who calls himself Zambia’s second President”


By John Moono Barely a Year after Zambia got her independence and being a Young nation, the last thing the country needed was an economic downturn. However, Kenneth Kaunda’s ascension to the Presidency was not all rosy. The Neighbouring Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe) under the Government of Ian Smith in 1965 declared independence against theContinue reading “UDI TESTED KAUNDA’s LEADERSHIP”


By John Moono On 24th October, 1964 Northern Rhodesia experienced the first taste of sovereignty and it was the day that ushered in a new nation called Zambia. The flag of the new nation was hoisted high in the national stadium. The hoisting of the new flag of the new nation signified the sovereignty ofContinue reading “ZAMBIAN PRESIDENTS”

MUCHINGA PROVINCE: A place of natural abundance

By Moono John 24th October, 1964 will always be in the memory of many people who emanate from the borders of Zambia as it is the day that gave birth to the great nation now known to the world as Zambia. Formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, was a protectorate of the British government when theContinue reading “MUCHINGA PROVINCE: A place of natural abundance”