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Jamaica following Barbados

#Jamaica🇯🇲 Kicks off plan to remove Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State sparking Decolonization protests Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness fearlessly told off Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate on Wednesday that his country wanted to be “independent” and address “unresolved” issues, a day after protesters demanded the UK pay reparations for slavery.Continue reading “Jamaica following Barbados”


1. Marcus Garvey Built Factories, Where He Made Black Dolls For Black Children To Play With. 2. He Built A Hotel. 3. He Built A Chain Of Grocery Stores. 4. His Organization Had Their Own Trucking Company. 5. He Built Schools. 6. He Built Restaurants. 7. His Organization Had Their Own Printing Press. 8. HeContinue reading “HERE’S WHY THEY CALL HIM BLACK MESSIAH: MARCUS GARVEY”

Emperor Haile Salasie of Ethiopia

Ethiopian 🇪🇹Emperor Haile Selassie at home in Bishoftu. Haile Selassie, the last Emperor of Ethiopia, ruled as King of Ethiopia (or negus) before being crowned Emperor in 1930. Photographed by Genevieve Chauvel. ‪Born Tafari Makonnen, he served as regent for Zauditu from 1916 to 1930. After Zauditu’s death, he was crowned emperor of Ethiopia onContinue reading “Emperor Haile Salasie of Ethiopia”

Queen Nanny of the Maroons.

Born 1686: GhanaDied 1733/1750: Jamaica For over 30 years it is said she fought and freed over 800 slaves on the island of Jamaica. There are many stories about her, it is said she was a queen in Ghana from the warrior Ashante tribe when she was captured and brought to Jamaica where she laterContinue reading “Queen Nanny of the Maroons.”