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Belgium King to visit Congo DR

Belgium’s King Philippe on Tuesday begins a historic visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, in a region cruelly exploited by his ancestors. The six-day trip, at the invitation of President Felix Tshisekedi, comes two years after Philippe expressed to the Congolese leader his “deepest regrets” for the “wounds” of colonisation. The visit, the monarch’sContinue reading “Belgium King to visit Congo DR”


” Western imperialism must be seen as one of the most hostile forces that the Black Continent has ever faced. A foe which entire prosperity is based on the brutal and perpetual exploitation, oppression and subjugation of the Black continent. In other words, the West is the enemy of Black African fundamental interests and aspirationsContinue reading “BLACK AFRICA MUST SEVERE ALL TIES WITH THE WEST: WESTERN POWERS AS HISTORIC ENEMIES OF THE BLACK CONTINENT!”

Who are we?

Anything that does not conform to the approval of the capitalist exploitation is considered as Conspiracy. Our brain is set up to forget about who we are, our past, and what we have been through. We appreciate nothing that comes from us. From the day we accepted to view our lives through the lens ofContinue reading “Who are we?”


By Yohane Mbeeya Moono Imperialism has left Indelible Scars On the Hearts and Minds of the African Folks Pluralism has Scared the Stars Out of the Africanism Movement Nationalism movement was quickly Fizzled Out at the expense of Globalization Puzzled and Bemused Africans are left Bewildered at the Turn of National and Global Events IndependenceContinue reading “Imperialism”

Robert Gabriel Mugabe the last Torch of Imperialism Resistance

Robert Gabriel Mugabe was the last flickering torch of resistance to imperialism and neo-colonialism on the continent. In the wake of your passing the hyenas and vultures, the supine and comprador among the African masses dance to the outmoded tunes of their veritable lieges in the capitalist imperialist centres of the world, in London, Paris,Continue reading “Robert Gabriel Mugabe the last Torch of Imperialism Resistance”


By Moono John Language is a tool used to transmit culture from generation to generation. Language does contain all the symbols and signs that a particular language needs to transmit its values, knowledge and skills to the lesser experienced generation. This has been a human way of transmitting culture from generation to generation some donkeyContinue reading “CULTURAL IMPERIALISM”