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BOTSWANA: striving for energy self sufficiency

Botswana’s 2.3 million inhabitants are among masses of Sub-Saharan citizens affected by power shortages. The lack of electricity has led to scheduled blackouts, which are now commonly referred to across Southern Africa as periods of ‘load shedding’. These blackouts usually take place during peak hours, i.e. mornings and evenings when people need the power most.   With severe droughts at the Kariba Dam,Continue reading “BOTSWANA: striving for energy self sufficiency”

MALAWI: the Energy projections

Malawi has a large potential for renewable energy exploitation in a number of areas, the significant ones being solar energy, biomass, and hydropower with potential for geothermal and wind energy. Except for large scale hydropower, which serves as a major source of electricity, the current state of exploitation and utilization of the renewable energy sourcesContinue reading “MALAWI: the Energy projections”

Ethiopia’s GERD commissioned

Ethiopia has started generating electricity via its mega dam on the Blue Nile. On Sunday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed officiated an event which saw one of the 13 turbines of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) begin power generation. GERD, the largest hydroelectric scheme in Africa, has been at the center of a dispute betweenContinue reading “Ethiopia’s GERD commissioned”