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Remembering Simon Zukas: The White Zambian Freedom Fighter

By Sishuwa Sishuwa In April 1952, a 26-year old man stood before the Northern Rhodesia Chief Justice, who had been asked by the Attorney General to consider whether this young man was ‘a danger to peace and good order’ and whether he had been ‘inciting Africans against Europeans’. The judge was further asked to considerContinue reading “Remembering Simon Zukas: The White Zambian Freedom Fighter”


HISTORY1956-57 Interim Secretary-General, later Secretary, Harare Branch, ANYL.1957-59 Secretary, Harare Branch, ANCongress.1964 Publicity Secretary, ZANU.1972 Publicity Secretary, ANC.1974 Chairman, Editorial Committee, ANC.1974 Member, Central Committee, ANC. Edson Sithole was born on 5 June 1935 in the Eastern Districts of Rhodesia. His parents were “typical peasants” (his own phrase) and the area where they lived wasContinue reading “DR EDSON FURATIDZAYI CHISINGAITWI SITHOLE”


By John Moono Barely a Year after Zambia got her independence and being a Young nation, the last thing the country needed was an economic downturn. However, Kenneth Kaunda’s ascension to the Presidency was not all rosy. The Neighbouring Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe) under the Government of Ian Smith in 1965 declared independence against theContinue reading “UDI TESTED KAUNDA’s LEADERSHIP”