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Procedure for Removal of Presidential Immunity

The August 12, 2021 produced a Hang Parliament. There is no party that can claim to have two-thirds majority. The Zambian Parliament has a total of 156 Seats and 10 Nominated Members of Parliament by the Republican President. Currently the United Party for National Development has 82 Members of Parliament, the Patriotic Front has 62,Continue reading “Procedure for Removal of Presidential Immunity”


28 OCTOBER 1997 IN THE early hours of 28 October 1997, barely four days after Zambia’s 33rd independence celebrations, gunfire was heard outside the ZNBC studios, State House and Army Commander’s residence. About 50 soldiers on Armored Personnel Carriers and trucks led by Captain Solo broke into an armed depot, assaulted army officers and thenContinue reading “1997 COUP D’ÉTAT ATTEMPT IN ZAMBIA”