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European Union are agent of “economic sabotage” , Uganda and Tanzania 🇺🇬 🇹🇿 rebukes EU

The governments of Uganda and Tanzania are pushing back against a resolution, passed by the European Union, that calls for environmental and human rights protections as the two nations develop the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). The European Parliament resolution warns that the project threatens wetlands and water resources, along with the livelihoods ofContinue reading “European Union are agent of “economic sabotage” , Uganda and Tanzania 🇺🇬 🇹🇿 rebukes EU”


(AFRIKA must prepare now against future sanctions using the Russian scenario as a lesson.) The world is fast speeding deep into this Era of Sanction – Wars where “the West” can destroy any nation that they hate by severely sanctioning it – to death. “The West” has sanctioned Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Cuba, Libya,Continue reading “AFRIKA MUST PREPARE NOW AGAINST FUTURE SANCTIONS”

Every job, role has minimum qualifications – Nevers

By Walusungu Lundu FOLLOWING a proposal by the European Union to remove the Grade 12 certificate requirement by those vying for public office, MMD leader Nevers Mumba insists that the qualifications must be maintained. In an interview with The Mast, Mumba said leaders must be able to read and intelligently analyse reports to do withContinue reading “Every job, role has minimum qualifications – Nevers”

EU Goes for Military Leaders in Mali

The European Union has agreed to impose travel bans and asset freezes on five members of Mali’s military rulers a day after the junta in Bamako ordered the French ambassador to leave the country. France, on its side, has said it – along with EU partners – is reviewing its military presence in Mali. TheContinue reading “EU Goes for Military Leaders in Mali”

EU demands the Release of Ugandan Author

The European Union has demanded the immediate release of Ugandan author Kakwenza Rukirabashaija. He was re-arrested again on Tuesday just minutes after being released on bail by a Kampala court. In a statement issued Wednesday, the EU and embassies of its member states in Uganda said the author’s arrest is “a clear disrespect to theContinue reading “EU demands the Release of Ugandan Author”