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China vs West: A contest that is likely to Africa’s future

A new long-term scenario analysis confirms that China will overtake the United States (US) as the most powerful country in the world by mid-century. The West, comprising the US and the European Union (EU), cannot constrain China’s momentum towards great power status. The study by the African Futures and Innovation team at the Institute forContinue reading “China vs West: A contest that is likely to Africa’s future”

This man Muammar Gaddaffi

By Mumbi Wa Mbui I woke up early today around 5 am to read about Gaddafi’s socialist policies during his reign as the Libyan president, I realized how important Gaddafi was. Saddened to know how much Libyan people miss him.One man’s dictator is another man’s liberator.Gaddafi wasn’t just a military or political leader, he wasContinue reading “This man Muammar Gaddaffi”

Disecting Constitution Provision on the Separation of Power

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono Democracy comes from a Greek words ‘demos’ meaning People and ‘Kratos’ meaning rule. Therefore, democracy is the rule by the people. Democracy provides for the traditional arms of government to operate an independent basis called the Separation of Powers. The axis of governance in any type of governance system tends toContinue reading “Disecting Constitution Provision on the Separation of Power”


By John Moono When the die 🎲 is cast When the whistle is blown When the season is rolled in motionAnd when the Journey is finally set It is the sovereignty and the patriotism That is at stake As we travest through the corridors of power Vehemently, players push to go into the Corridors ofContinue reading “THROUGH THE CORRIDORS OF POWER”


By Moono John Democracy entails the participation of the people in the running of government affairs. The continent of Africa was benighted of this ideology until the coming in of the imperialist. The continent was predominantly under monarchies but going by the modern trends, many adopted the democratic principle. The government system that existed wasContinue reading “DEMOCRACY IN AFRICA?”