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One of the reasons why Haiti is poor today

Eze Chimere NwauzoLeader of OAF  After Haiti got her Independence from France in 1804, in 1825, King Charles of France sent 12 war ships to Haiti threatening to attack her except Haiti paid 150 million Francs (about 3x the GDP of Haiti then) later “scaled down” to 90 million Francs ($21 billion dollars in today’sContinue reading “One of the reasons why Haiti is poor today”

PAN-AFRICAN SERIES Ethiopia Shall Rise from the Ruins of War

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono Ethiopia a country in the Horn of Africa is currently embroiled in a Civil War. Ethiopia is the mother of the Africa Anti-Colonialism Movement as the country was never colonized during the vicious period of Scramble for Africa. She has been a key and critical player in the PAN-AFRICAN Movement. CultureContinue reading “PAN-AFRICAN SERIES Ethiopia Shall Rise from the Ruins of War”

African Politics in a Limbo

By John Moono The African political landscape has never been the same ever since the continent started interacting with descendants from other continents. Historians say precisely about 500 years ago, Africans had their first interaction with descendants from other parts of the globe. The 1900s have a had a significant consequence on the course ofContinue reading “African Politics in a Limbo”


By John Moono South African Music Legend and Reggae Music Legend Lucky Philip Dube is one Pan Africanist who used Arts to stand against Racism and promote the Freedom of Africans at a time when South Africa was experiencing the Apartheid Regime. He used his music to denounce the Apartheid Regime. Lucky Dube was anContinue reading “PAN-AFRICAN SERIES: Lucky Dube”