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Christianity:A Curse or A Blessing

ByJohn Moono Every continent on the face of the earth tend to practice it’s own form of religion serve for Africa and the Americas. Different types of religion with different forms of belief have infiltrated the earth since time in memorial. Christianity is said to be the most practiced religion on the face of theContinue reading “Christianity:A Curse or A Blessing”

The River Between: Comparative Character Analysis of Chege and Joshua

By John Moono The River Between is a 1965 novel by prolific Kenyan author Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o that was published as part of the influential African Writers Series. It tells the story of the separation of two neighbouring villages of Kenya caused by differences in faith set in the decades of roughly the early 20thContinue reading “The River Between: Comparative Character Analysis of Chege and Joshua”