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Trade, investment the basis upon which wewere elected into office, HH tells UK

By Chambwa Moonga PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema says his administration will be anchored on trade and investment. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s trade envoy to Zambia Laurence Robertson says the United Kingdom is looking across the world to strengthen trade links in every country. Accompanied by British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicholas Woolley and UKContinue reading “Trade, investment the basis upon which wewere elected into office, HH tells UK”

African Politics in a Limbo

By John Moono The African political landscape has never been the same ever since the continent started interacting with descendants from other continents. Historians say precisely about 500 years ago, Africans had their first interaction with descendants from other parts of the globe. The 1900s have a had a significant consequence on the course ofContinue reading “African Politics in a Limbo”


By Moono John Africa has for long time now flirted with the idea of Pan-Africanism which is aimed at uniting All people of the African continent and African descent all over the world. The idea was carried forth by the freedom fighters which resulted in the formation of the Organization for African Unity and laterContinue reading “The AFRICA CONTINENTAL FREE TRADE AREA”

Facts about the Kazungula Bridge Project

The Kazungula Bridge which was officially opened Monday, 10th May 2021. The Kazungula Bridge Project was an initiative of the 4 Countries whose Borders meet at Kazungula, the Quadruple points and these being Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. But after a protracted negotiations Namibia and Zimbabwe opted not to be part of the project andContinue reading “Facts about the Kazungula Bridge Project”


By Moono John The Africa Continental Free Trade Area is the brainchild of the African Union under the Pan-African Vision of “An integrated prosperous and peaceful Africa. Consolidating Africa into one trade area provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses and consumers alike across Africa and a perfect opportunity to support the sustainable development agenda inContinue reading “BENEFITS OF THE AfCFTA ON AFRICAN BUSINESS COMMUNITY”