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Africa Freedom Day

Thomas Isidore Sankara the former President of Burkina Faso once echoed ” I think the most important thing is to bring people to a point where they have self-confidence, and understand that they can at last be authors of their own well-being.” The African Union theme for 2022 states “Strengthening Resilience in Nutrition and FoodContinue reading “Africa Freedom Day”

Algerian Generosity

Did you know that Algeria canceled the debts of 16 African countries without any compensation, amounting to 3.5 billion dollars. The countries are:Benin, Burkina Faso, Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Tanzania, Tunisia and Mauritania benefited the most.This was from 2010 to 2014God bless Algeria and its peopleContinue reading “Algerian Generosity”

The Upright Man 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫

Thomas Sankara Was So Popular Among His People That Even In Death, His People Still Loved And Adored Him,A Note Was Left At His Graveside Which Reads ‘Do Not Worry,Mama Sankara,We Will Avenge The Death of Your Son,We Are All Sankara’s. Sankara Lived a Brief But Eventful Life, Born in December 1949 and died atContinue reading “The Upright Man 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫 🇧🇫”

Broadband Connection has become an Essential Commodity

African Countries With The Fastest Fixed Broadband🛰 01 Ghana🇬🇭 (79 Globally)Speed: 53.28 Mbps 02 South Africa🇿🇦 (89 Globally)Speed: 47.32 Mbps 03 Egypt🇪🇬 (91 Globally)Speed: 42.42 Mbps 04 Madagascar🇲🇬 (96 Globally)Speed: 38.68 Mbps 05 Cote D’Ivoire🇨🇮 (101 Globally)Speed: 37.36 Mbps 06 Seychelles🇸🇨 (103 Globally)Speed: 37.02 Mbps 07 Senegal🇸🇳 (105 Globally)Speed: 35.28 Mbps 08 Morocco🇲🇦 (110 Globally)Speed:Continue reading “Broadband Connection has become an Essential Commodity”

Top 10 best police force in Africa

1)- Botswana police🇧🇼 2)- Rwanda police🇷🇼 3)- Algerian police 🇩🇿 4)- Senegalese police 🇸🇳 5)- Tunisian police 🇹🇳 6)- Egyptian police🇪🇬 7)- Burkina Faso police 🇧🇫 8)- Ghanaian police 🇬🇭 9)- South African police 🇿🇦 10)- Moroccan police 🇲🇦 Source: Great Africa

African Conflicts

By John MoonoTrained Diplomat Africa has long been beseeched by conflicts and labelled as a continent with the most number of conflicts. However one thing of note about these conflicts is that they are traced to the period of Colonial Rule. This is due to the fact that Colonial Rule never raised the issued ofContinue reading “African Conflicts”

US Halts Aid to Burkina Faso

The United States has halted nearly $160 million in U.S. aid to Burkina Faso after determining the January ouster of President Roch Kabore constituted a military coup. The decision was made in line with a U.S. law under which U.S. foreign aid – except funds to promote democracy – must be stopped to a countryContinue reading “US Halts Aid to Burkina Faso”

It is confirmed: The Junta is the New Leader of Burkina Faso

Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba has been sworn in as Burkina Faso’s president, just over three weeks after he led a coup that overthrew democratically elected Roch Marc Christian Kabore. In a televised ceremony, Damiba swore an oath before the country’s top constitutional body to “preserve, respect, uphold and defend the Constitution”. No foreign representatives attendedContinue reading “It is confirmed: The Junta is the New Leader of Burkina Faso”


1. Modern Humans are believed to have originated in Botswana🇧🇼, within the past 200, 000 years ago, solidifying the “Out of Africa Theory. 2. Equatorial Guinea 🇬🇶 is Africa’s only spanish speaking country. 3. Morocco 🇲🇦 is the most visited African country. 4. Nigeria 🇳🇬 has the richest Black person in Africa, Aliko Dangote. 5.Continue reading “SOME FACTS ABOUT AFRICA🌍 🌍”