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Mother Uganda 🇺🇬

Mariam Nabatanzi from Uganda She’s given birth to 44 children at age 36. This highly impossible considering her age and other supposed healthy complications that may arise. Miriam Nabatanzi has 3 sets of quadruplets, 4 sets of triplets & 6 sets of twins. She has a genetic condition that makes her release multiple eggs inContinue reading “Mother Uganda 🇺🇬”


Royal Bafokeng are an ethnic Tswana Clan recognized by Forbes & Business Insider as the richest ethic group in Africa. Bafokeng (meaning ‘People of the dew’) a Setswana-speaking traditional community ruled by a Monarchy covers 1,000 square kilometers (390 sq mi) in the North West Province of South Africa. The capital is Phokeng, near Rustenburg.Continue reading “THE RICHEST TRIBE IN AFRICA – ROYAL BAFOKENG NATION 🇿🇦”

Cops turns down K12, 000

Lusaka cop turns down K12, 000 bribe!An alert Lusaka based Police officer of police Headquarters turned down a K12,000 bribe to cover up a theft of solar panels and a submissive pump. The Cop identified as Inspector Bornwell Hatontola on Tuesday 24th May 2022 at around 08:36 hours, received a phone call from a Mr.HonestyContinue reading “Cops turns down K12, 000”

SCARS: A Hallmark of Childhood

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono Life is a journey whose is destination man cannot comprehend. Often times when man delves into finding out what the final destination of human life, the more it brings him to the fact that everything about life is vanity. As such one has to enjoy every moment of their time onContinue reading “SCARS: A Hallmark of Childhood”

Mukata’s ex-wife wants bed

AS PART of property settlement following divorce, former Chilanga parliamentarian Keith Mukata’s ex-wife, Maricoh Hoare, wants the Lusaka High Court to allow her to go away with the matrimonial bed, a Land Rover Discovery car and trucks, among properties. On the other hand, Ms Hoare has proposed that the court gives her former lover aContinue reading “Mukata’s ex-wife wants bed”


1. South Africa 🇿🇦 (44th)2.Tunisia 🇹🇳 (47th )3. Morocco 🇲🇦 (55th)4. Mauritius 🇲🇺 (58th)5. Rwanda 🇷🇼 (71th)6. Kenya 🇰🇪 (72th )7. Uganda 🇺🇬 (73th) 8. Egypt 🇪🇬 (75th)9. Seychelles 🇸🇨 (76th)10. Liberia 🇱🇷 (79th)11. Zambia 🇿🇲 (81th) 12. Ghana 🇬🇭 (84th)13. Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 (86th) 14. Madagascar 🇲🇬 (89th) 15. Namibia 🇳🇦 (90th)16. Togo 🇹🇬 (95th)17.Continue reading “AFRICA’S LEADING “GOOD” COUNTRIES IN 2021 🌍”

Most Populated Cities In Africa (2022)

Africa has a Population of close to 1.4 Billion people with Nigeria as the most populous Nation with over 200 million People. Here is a list of Africa’s most populous cities 1. Lagos🇳🇬 21 million people2. Cairo🇪🇬 20.4 million people3 Kinshasa🇨🇩 13.3 million people4. Luanda🇦🇴 6.5 million people 5. Nairobi🇰🇪 6.5 million people 6. Mogadishu🇸🇴Continue reading “Most Populated Cities In Africa (2022)”

Who are we?

Anything that does not conform to the approval of the capitalist exploitation is considered as Conspiracy. Our brain is set up to forget about who we are, our past, and what we have been through. We appreciate nothing that comes from us. From the day we accepted to view our lives through the lens ofContinue reading “Who are we?”

Broadband Connection has become an Essential Commodity

African Countries With The Fastest Fixed Broadband🛰 01 Ghana🇬🇭 (79 Globally)Speed: 53.28 Mbps 02 South Africa🇿🇦 (89 Globally)Speed: 47.32 Mbps 03 Egypt🇪🇬 (91 Globally)Speed: 42.42 Mbps 04 Madagascar🇲🇬 (96 Globally)Speed: 38.68 Mbps 05 Cote D’Ivoire🇨🇮 (101 Globally)Speed: 37.36 Mbps 06 Seychelles🇸🇨 (103 Globally)Speed: 37.02 Mbps 07 Senegal🇸🇳 (105 Globally)Speed: 35.28 Mbps 08 Morocco🇲🇦 (110 Globally)Speed:Continue reading “Broadband Connection has become an Essential Commodity”

Top 10 best police force in Africa

1)- Botswana police🇧🇼 2)- Rwanda police🇷🇼 3)- Algerian police 🇩🇿 4)- Senegalese police 🇸🇳 5)- Tunisian police 🇹🇳 6)- Egyptian police🇪🇬 7)- Burkina Faso police 🇧🇫 8)- Ghanaian police 🇬🇭 9)- South African police 🇿🇦 10)- Moroccan police 🇲🇦 Source: Great Africa