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What is Philosophy

What is Philosophy? Philosophy is an attempt to understand the world around us and the reasons for it and us and the things that we do. A lot of it can be introspective and deals with questions as to the ideal society and the motivations of people and why they do things. Philosophy is soContinue reading “What is Philosophy”


In 1966 when Botswana gained independence it was the 2nd poorest country in the world and had no University of its own as it did not inherit any Colonial Infrastructure. Botswana government sent its students to University of Lesotho (BOLESWA) which later was nationalised and Botswana students expelled. This started the One Man, One BeastContinue reading “HOW BOTSWANA BUILT THIS WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITY WITHOUT LOANS 🇧🇼”


By Mubanga Lumpa Government’s recent pronouncement of providing free education in public schools came at the right time when many learners were facing the acute challenge of access to education in many communities in Zambia. But this pronouncement did not come without challenges for a number of government schools. One immediate challenge in many schoolsContinue reading “NABOYE HIGH SCHOOL RECYCLING SCRAP INTO FURNITURE”

Building Bridges

Yohane Mbeeya Moono Zambia my country which has enjoyed political sovereignty for 58 years now but still grapples with a lot of poverty. For far too long, we apportioned the blame for our predicament to the Imperialist. But truth be told, in the 21st Century, we have stayed for too long as a sovereign stateContinue reading “Building Bridges”

MBALA: the Home of World War One History

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono Mbala is located in the North-East of Modern day Zambia. The town which is about 167 Kilometers North of the Provincial Capital Kasama will forever be etched in the history of Zambia and the World at large in the context of the 20th Century global catastrophe the First World War. FromContinue reading “MBALA: the Home of World War One History”


By JOHN MOONO The current population of Africa is 1,343,458,951 as of Thursday, August 6, 2020, based on the latest United Nations estimates. The African population is equivalent to 16.72% of the total world population. Africa ranks number 2 among regions of the world (roughly equivalent to “continents”), ordered by population. The continent is onlyContinue reading “THE PLIGHT OF THE AFRICAN YOUTH”


ByMoono John The world has undergone many changes since time in memorial. There has been a number of developments through different periods of time, from the stone-age era to the modern times now referred to as the computer era. One cardinal thing about these massive developments that the world has seen, is that it hasContinue reading “INFLUENCE OF THE INTERNET”

Culture should form the Educational backbone of Society

By John Moono Ugandan author and Pan-Africanist Okot p’Bitek notes that culture should be the basis upon which Africans form their education. Culture which is defined as the ideas, customs and social behaviors of a particular people or society. He says in the Book Song of Lawino on Page 10 In the educational section, breakContinue reading “Culture should form the Educational backbone of Society”


By Moono John A child comes into the knowing completely nothing. The first people it comes in contact with first are its parents. Therefore, it is imperative that the first teachers of the child are its parents. The first learning that the child encounters happens from the home environment. It is safe to say thatContinue reading “EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION”