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By Moono John Language is a tool used to transmit culture from generation to generation. Language does contain all the symbols and signs that a particular language needs to transmit its values, knowledge and skills to the lesser experienced generation. This has been a human way of transmitting culture from generation to generation some donkeyContinue reading “CULTURAL IMPERIALISM”


By Moono John The Africa Continental Free Trade Area is the brainchild of the African Union under the Pan-African Vision of “An integrated prosperous and peaceful Africa. Consolidating Africa into one trade area provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses and consumers alike across Africa and a perfect opportunity to support the sustainable development agenda inContinue reading “BENEFITS OF THE AfCFTA ON AFRICAN BUSINESS COMMUNITY”

Zambia’s Regional Strategic Positioning: Key to becoming an Economic Hub of Southern Africa

By John Moono On Monday 10 May, 2021, the country saw the commissioning of the Kazungula Bridge on the Zambezi river linking Zambia and Botswana. Kazungula Bridge is the quadruple point in the world where Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia. The message on the commissioning of the Bridge all five Heads of States to haveContinue reading “Zambia’s Regional Strategic Positioning: Key to becoming an Economic Hub of Southern Africa”

Zambian Economic System

By John Moono An economic policy is a decision made and implemented by the government in order to achieve a certain goal. The government promotes economic growth by making decisions that encourage business persons and ordinary people to save and invest their money in the production of goods and services. The Zambian economy has overContinue reading “Zambian Economic System”

Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want

By Moono John The development of the whole of the African continent has been the narrative Africans have been working tirelessly to achieve. The Africa We Want started with Nationalism agenda way back in the 20th century, during the colonial period when most African countries were under colonial powers. When the emancipation of the AfricanContinue reading “Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want”

Biodiversity: the Omnipresence of Life on Earth the very Essence for an Optimistic Future.

By John Moono The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously hampered social life around the World and that is signal enough that the World today has a reached a point where it can be termed to physically unwell. Our failure to fully protect the Environment has resulted in the disruption of social life around the world. OurContinue reading “Biodiversity: the Omnipresence of Life on Earth the very Essence for an Optimistic Future.”

African Unity and Africans

By John Moono The early 1950s to the late 1970s saw a period when the emancipation of the African continent took its toll and came to fruition in many African states. Many African territories became independent nations and fought for the good of the continent to see other territories also become independent nations The desireContinue reading “African Unity and Africans”


On 12 August, 2021 the country goes to the polls for Presidential, Parliamentary,Mayoral and Local Government Elections. This year’s Elections has been said to be the toughest yet since IndependenceDuring to the run up to the polls, the period is characterized by campaigns, defections and politically charged songs. With the coming in of the Covid-19Continue reading “ELECTION TIME AS ZAMBIA DECIDES”


By Moono John The borders of Northern Rhodesia (present day Zambia) were drawn by the British between 1890 and 1911. This scenario is very similar among African countries as their borders were drawn by the colonial powers after the Berlin Conference that gave go ahead to the Scramble for Africa. Before the encroachment on theContinue reading “ZAMBIA’S POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT”