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By John Moono PAN-AFRICAN SERIES Ugandan Author and Pan- Africanist Okot p’Bitek wrote in his Book “Song of Lawino that “In the traditional society the poor orphan boy would have received help from his relatives in raising his dowry. The ‘modernisation’ and the attendant individualism result in a situation where he goes through tribulation yetContinue reading “CULTURAL EROSION”


By John Moono When the die 🎲 is cast When the whistle is blown When the season is rolled in motionAnd when the Journey is finally set It is the sovereignty and the patriotism That is at stake As we travest through the corridors of power Vehemently, players push to go into the Corridors ofContinue reading “THROUGH THE CORRIDORS OF POWER”


By Moono John The population of Africa is 1,343,458,951 as of Thursday, August 6, 2020, based on the latest United Nations estimates. The African population is equivalent to 16.72% of the total world population. Africa ranks number 2 among regions of the world (roughly equivalent to “continents”), ordered by population. The continent is only second to Asia in the World Population Index as according the United Nations Data. Furthermore,Continue reading “POVERTY IN AFRICA”


By Moono John Democracy entails the participation of the people in the running of government affairs. The continent of Africa was benighted of this ideology until the coming in of the imperialist. The continent was predominantly under monarchies but going by the modern trends, many adopted the democratic principle. The government system that existed wasContinue reading “DEMOCRACY IN AFRICA?”


BY MOONO JOHN According to the third law of motion by Sir Isaac Newton says “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” However true this law might be, it makes for sad reading when applied in the context of man’s activities on the environment. What the globe is experiencing today stems fromContinue reading “CLIMATE CHANGE AND NATURAL DISASTERS”


By Moono John As of Monday 28 December, 2020, the population of Africa stood at 1,356,137, 670 people according to the United Nations estimates. Apart from human resource Africa has another resource which is also more precious and in abundance to and that is land which can propel the Agriculture sector to greater heights. TheContinue reading “AGRICULTURE AND THE AfCFTA”


By MOONO JOHN According to the General Assembly of the United Nations in September of 2015 adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Building on the principle of “leaving no one behind”, the new Agenda emphasizes a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development for all. It has dawnedContinue reading “PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTING GREEN CITIES”


By Moono John Africa a continent that has promised so much yet delivered very little. Africa a continent plagued by underdevelopment, wars health challenges such as Ebola, Malaria, and many others, as well as food insecurity that has led the Western world to feel that Africa is overpopulated.  For many years, many African countries foundContinue reading “AFRICA CHINA RELATIONSHIP”

CHINUA ACHEBE: His view on African Unity

PAN-AFRICAN SERIES Great Nigerian Author, Pan-Africanist and Broadcaster Chinua Achebe said in the book “Things Fall Apart” “It is already too late, said Obierika sadly. Our own men and our son’s have joined the ranks of the stranger. They have joined his religion and they help to uphold his government. If we should try toContinue reading “CHINUA ACHEBE: His view on African Unity”