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The story of Pan-Africanism on the African continent can not be complete without the mention of Kwame Nkrumah the first black President of the Republic of Ghana and one of the Founding Fathers of the Organization of African Unity now the African Union. In Zambia, a University bears the name of this great son ofContinue reading “PAN-AFRICAN SERIES: PAIDESA”


Ugandan prolific writer Okot p’Bitek in the preliminary pages of the Song of Lawino echoes the foundation for Curriculum Change. He records In the educational section, break down the walls that surround our schools and universities, and let the people who know our culture teach our people. Let us Africanise our Curriculum in a meaningfulContinue reading “PAN-AFRICAN SERIES: CULTURALLY CASTRATED: WHY LITERATURE SHOULD NURTURE US BACK TO CULTURAL HEALTH?”

Zambia-China Relations: Where does Economic Diplomacy fit in?

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono The Author is An Alumni of the Zambia Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies Zambia got her independence in October of 1964 and was heavily reliant on the South African seaports for exports and imports. Things were to change barely a year after independence when Ian Smith the leader in SouthernContinue reading “Zambia-China Relations: Where does Economic Diplomacy fit in?”

European Union are agent of “economic sabotage” , Uganda and Tanzania 🇺🇬 🇹🇿 rebukes EU

The governments of Uganda and Tanzania are pushing back against a resolution, passed by the European Union, that calls for environmental and human rights protections as the two nations develop the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). The European Parliament resolution warns that the project threatens wetlands and water resources, along with the livelihoods ofContinue reading “European Union are agent of “economic sabotage” , Uganda and Tanzania 🇺🇬 🇹🇿 rebukes EU”

2023 for Socio-Economic Transformation

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono On 9th September, 2022, President Hakainde Hichilema during the opening of the Second Session of the Thirteenth National Assembly addressed the house under the theme “WORKING TOGETHER TOWARDS SOCIO-ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION: STIMULATING ECONOMIC GROWTH FOR IMPROVED LIVELIHOODS.” The address gave intent of the policies that Government is set to undertake in theContinue reading “2023 for Socio-Economic Transformation”

A Snapshot of Wealth in Africa

The continent of Africa contains more than 50 countries, but just five account for more than half of total wealth on the continent: South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, and Kenya. Despite recent setbacks in Africa’s largest economies, wealth creation has been strong in a number of areas, and total private wealth is now estimated toContinue reading “A Snapshot of Wealth in Africa”


In the wake of the death of the Queen of Britain Queen Elizabeth II, social media particularly from Africa and the Commonwealth was awash with statements about how her reign looted precious resources from African countries. Pan-Africanism, the idea that peoples of African descent have common interests and should be unified. Historically, Pan-Africanism has oftenContinue reading “Pan-Africanism”

The many roots of Mozambique’s deadly insurgency

New field research in Cabo Delgado sheds light on one of Africa’s least understood violent conflicts Conflict erupted in Mozambique’s northern Cabo Delgado province just a few years after some of Africa’s biggest gas reserves were discovered in the Rovuma Basin off the coast. Mozambicans see this as no coincidence. A new study by theContinue reading “The many roots of Mozambique’s deadly insurgency”

TREES ARE SACRED: A Case of Nakonde’s Muzombo tree

By Yohane Mbeeya Moono At the height of the creation, God had ensure that the earth’s surface was covered in vegetation. Part of that vegetation were trees. These trees came into being by God’ s sacred command which meant that they were a source of life for the tree itself and the surrounding it isContinue reading “TREES ARE SACRED: A Case of Nakonde’s Muzombo tree”


By Yohane Mbeeya Moono Kenya is one of Africa’s biggest economies and one of Africa’s preferred Tourist destinations. Kenya is home to over 50 million people. The country has long held the view that it is home to Africa’s growing democracies. The country recently conducted elections which have gone to the highest court of thatContinue reading “KENYAN ELECTIONS: ODINGA CHALLEGES RUTO’S VICTORY”