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The Cristiano Ronaldo interview

Yohane Mbeeya Moono
An Alumni of the Zambia Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies
Reuters Trained Journalist

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably one of the best footballers of all time. His achievements in the game will be hard feat to beat for young and current footballers.

No sooner had wonderkid Alejandro Garnacho announced his arrival in the Premier League than Cristiano Ronaldo dropped a bombshell. The delirium and sheer ecstacy that engulfed the end of the Premier League encounter at Craven Cottage between Fulham and Manchester United quickly decapitated into despair and agony.

The bombshell Cristiano Ronaldo has dropped is good riddance for Manchester United as they can beginning to prepare for life without Cristiano Ronaldo. Time has come for the Manager to empower and trust the young talents of Garnacho, Anthony Santos, Jadon Sancho, Anthony Elanga, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford. Besides the team already seems a better proposition without Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo has just signed off the chances of Portugal performing better at the World Cup. Much as he is the leader of the pack, he will be leading a pack which is disjointed and disunited because of his lack of respect for the club manager.
The bombshell will help the Manchester United manager to focus on a group and begin to prepare them to have they identity of the manager in charge of the team.

Any team wishing to sign Cristiano Ronaldo after his interview with Piers Morgan will be purely for unknown sporting reasons. Cristiano Ronaldo through this interview has proved that he is a virus to any team and this virus is ready to destroy the DNA of them. Signing Cristiano Ronaldo at this stage would be purely for economic reasons because of the huge following that he commands world over. For example, When he moved to Juventus, Supersport a pay channel never used to televise the Serie A but that all changed when he moved to Italy. That is an example of the economic benefits that the brand Cristiano Ronaldo brings. However, he needs to understand that Age is not on his side and that coaches are not focused on investing in older players like him but more in young players who would generate a greater value for the club in the future.

We are all agree that the running of Manchester United since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill has not been anything to write home about. But for a player under contract to publicly question the running of the club is the surelest way of one tearing their own contract. This brings into perspective the debate between him and Lionel Messi. When Messi was wounded out of Barcelona he never gave an interview demeaning the club but for Cristiano Ronaldo his misdemeanors should never be talked about, only the misdemeanors of the club. Perhaps it could be the reason Messi is more preferred over him because maybe of his attitude.

One can never take away his talent and exploits on the pitch but his actions lately have caused all the wrong headlines at the club. Perhaps, he should have been wiser to know that this would disrupt the morale in team and cause a revolt in the dressing room if the Manager keeps giving him more opportunities despite his public shortcomings.

The Interview with Piers Morgan seems a well calculated move for him to force his way out of Old Trafford. Buying Ronaldo by any team will be like Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers selling an inform Suarez to Barcelona and replace him with ill disciplined Mario Baloteli under the guise of giving him a Discipline oriented contract. Clearly Cristiano Ronaldo has shown how ill disciplined he is.
Cristiano Ronaldo should realize that no player or individual will be bigger than an institution or club however poorly run it is.


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