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Reasons the Pan African Ideology Failed

Yohane Mbeeya Moono

The Pan African Ideology started in the United States of America and was heavily promoted by individuals such as Marcus Garvey. The idea started in the 18th Century. The movement had a philosophy of driving Black Liberation against White Domination and Exploration

The Pan African Movement grew as Africa sought an to the White Imperialism that had engulfed the continent for much of the 19th Century. This culminated in the first Pan African Congress that was held in Manchester in October 1945.

The Congress may have had some positive outcomes among which was the formation of the Organization of African Unity in May 1963 in Addis Abba Ethiopia and that led to the political independence of many African States. However, the Pan African philosophy had some of indelible shortfalls on the people of the continent and people of African descent

Reason that made the Pan African Philosophy fail

1. The Pan African Ideology has failed to deliver on the early promise due to the fact that the Initial African drivers of the Agenda held the conference in the land of the Imperialist which gave them an upper hand over the implementation of the Pan African Ideology. Whatever the African leaders who attended the Pan African Congress in Manchester discussed was easily grasped and debunked by the Imperialist thus giving them an upper hand over the Africans

2. Failure to Appreciate History and Literature by the Pan African Philosophy drivers on the Continent. The drivers of the Pan African Ideology on the continent and World over placed little or no premium on key subjects that would have helped the Ideology to flourish. The History and Literature of the Pan African Ideology still remains scant and uncoordinated. History and Literature of the Pan African Ideology should be readily available and well coordinated and should have been included as key subjects on the African continent. This was going to help shape the education system of the continent according to the needs of the African Continent and the people of the Continent.

3. Arising from the failure to appreciate History and Literature on the Pan African Ideology, the continent has failed to come up with a Pan African Think Tank. A Pan African Ideology Think Tank was going to help push the agenda of the Pan African Ideology even in the modern era and make the people of the African Continent and of African descent beyond the African Continent to have access to well researched and well coordinated History and Literature on the Pan African Ideology. African Unity was going g to be easy to achieve if the African Continent had set up a vibrant Pan African Ideology Think Tank

The Pan African Ideology had good intentions by failed to come up with strategies on how to propel the Ideology to greater heights and safeguarding the African Continent from the never ending vicious cycle of Colonialism which keeps changing face.
Africa needs to rethink its Pan African strategies and harness the potential it Harbours through the large pool of human resource.

Food for thought

1. Why is it that most vibrant African leaders who propagated the idea of Pan Africanism have their deaths shrouded in mystery and controversial?

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2 thoughts on “Reasons the Pan African Ideology Failed

  1. Thank you Mr Moono for always availing many with facts that can help us restructure and think beyond our comfort zones to better mother Africa.

    Your write ups are those every leader ought to interface with.

    Thank you.


    1. Yes we need to interface with facts about our Ideology. Pan Africanism may achieve its targets because of the reasons and many other things not put in place by the Ideology


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