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All Weather Friend -China

The Director General African Affairs, for the People’s Republic of China, Mr Wu Peng, who is in Zambia with a message from His Excellency President Xi Jinping.

China and France yesterday chaired IMF Common Framework meeting on Zambia’s debt situation. Zambia needs to be unlocked so that her economy can be opened up to more areas of production.

The Director General African Affairs, for the Peoples Republic of China has since Urged the International Monetary Fund to expedite the Financial Bailout to Zambia in order for her to implement her Economic Reform Programme of opening up the economy to more areas of production and improve the Social Protection Systems for her people

Mr Peng indicated that his country is ready to partner with Zambia for economic growth and improved living standards for our people.

Barely two ago, President Hakainde Hichilema and Chinese President Xi Jinping held a telephone conversation about areas of mutual interest for the two countries and the move seems to be bearing fruits for Zambia who is in hurry to implement to Economic Reform Programme

Source: ZNBC 20 Hours News


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