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1. Kazungula Bridge Project
Kazungula Bridge is a road and rail bridge over the Zambezi river between the countries of Zambia and Botswana at Kazungula. The bridge was opened for traffic on 10 May 2021. In August 2007 the governments of Zambia and Botswana announced a deal to construct a bridge to replace the existing ferry.

2. Mohembo Bridge Project
With a length of 1,161 metres, the bridge is the longest in Botswana. It features two lanes, two pedestrian walkways and is about 12.5 metres across. It is the first bridge constructed over the Okavango River, which is part of the Okavango Delta, the 1000th World Heritage site.

3. Gaborone Boatle Road Project
Construction works on the Gaborone to Boatle road includes the upgrade of the existing 18,4km road to dual carriageway standard, drainage works on these roads, 2 Interchanges, construction of pedestrian and cattle underpasses, and the installation of street lighting.

4. North-South Carrier 1 & 2 Project
The North-South Carrier is a pipeline in Botswana that carries raw water south for a distance of 360 kilometres to the South of Botswana. Phase 1 was completed in 2000. Phase 2 of the NSC, under construction, will duplicate the pipeline to carry water from the Dikgatlhong Dam, which was completed in 2012.

5. 3 Gaborone Interchanges
The construction of three graded separated intersections (interchanges) at intersections of KT Motsete drive with Willie Seboni (BTV circle), Kudumatse Drive (Rainbow circle) and Lobatse Road (Game City circle). The project will change the outlook of Gaborone city with improved road infrastructure as outlined in Vision 2036.

6. Masama 100KM Water Project
The pipeline will be the first of its kind in the North South Water Carrier 2.2 scheme to deliver sweet water from the Masama aquifer on a dedicated pipeline, ensuring that it would need minimal treatment as it will not be transferred on the same pipeline for raw water from the dams.

7. North West Transmission Grid Connection Project
The North West Transmission Grid is an investment of P4. 6 Billion investment by the Government of Botswana which Botswana Power Corporation is implementing. This project is one of the biggest infrastructure programmes of Government.

8. Botswana’s Airport City Project (Special Economic Zone)
SEZA has awarded a P100 million project to Bothakga Burrow for the detailed design, infrastructure development and construction of Boulevard 1 Road at its flagship SSKIA Special Economic Zone (SEZ). SSKIA has been zoned as a mixed use SEZ with core activities being diamond beneficiation, aerospace and aviation, cargo, agro-processing, pharmaceuticals, engineering, specialist automotive and plastics injection moulding. The project, about the size of CBD, will include construction of a 1.8 kilometre dual carriage way that will connect with Airport Road just next to DTCB. It will also incorporate an urban design scheme for provision of underground services like water, waste water, surface water, fibre, power, lighting, smart city ducting and CCTV. This will be a multi-use facility that will also offer residential, retail, industrial, and civic and community facilities.

9. Botswana Oil Storage Facility Project
Botswana Oil has been mandated to facilitate the construction of the 186 million-litre Tshele Hills oil storage project aims to increase the countryโ€™s strategic oil reserves from the current 18 days to 60 equivalent of the national consumption.

10. Gaborone Traffic Command & Control Center Project
The new traffic control center of Gaborone will manage 140 Intersections with SICE Traffic Controller, 175 Detector Camera’s, 11 Speed Cameras, 30 Red light Violation Cameras, 14 Incident detection Cameras, 27 Counting Stations, Vehicle classification systems, CCTV Road Cameras.

Source: Africa Facts Zone


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