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In 1966 when Botswana gained independence it was the 2nd poorest country in the world and had no University of its own as it did not inherit any Colonial Infrastructure. Botswana government sent its students to University of Lesotho (BOLESWA) which later was nationalised and Botswana students expelled. This started the One Man, One Beast (motho le motho kgomo) movement spearheaded by President Sir Seretse Khama in 1976 with Motto of Ipelegeng (Self Reliance). Batswana made contributions of all types (including cash, cattle, grain) towards accomplishing the set target of one million rand which is why a Cow became the symbol of the university. By 1982, the University of Botswana became a reality and remains the oldest institution of higher education in the country. Today the university of Botswana is ranked among best in Africa especially with its infrastruture which includes:

πŸ”Ή 2nd Biggest Library in Africa

πŸ”Ή High Tech Teaching Hospital

πŸ”Ή Indoor Sports Arena + High Perfomance Center

πŸ”Ή Olympic Size Swimming Pool

πŸ”Ή Stadium

Source: Africa Facts Zone


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