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Globalization Sacrificed at the Alter of Power: the case of the Russian Aggression in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has led Russia since 1999 with a hiatus of one term when he served as Prime Minister to then President Medvedev. In 2015 during the reign of President Barrack Obama, Russia managed to annex Crimea Region from Ukraine.
Earlier this year, President Vladimir Putin was at again by declared that Luhansk and Donetsk were independent states from Ukraine. The major reason for this recognition by Kremlin was that they wanted to protect Russian citizens and population domiciled in the two regions.
The Russian Aggression then took a more military approach by targeting key Ukrainian cities such as Mauripol, Khakov and the Capital Kiev.
Ukrainian President Zelenksy had made his country’s intention public of joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO is an organization which has the Russian Cold War arch-enemies the United States of America. This is said to have agitated the Russian Government. Zelenksy is adamant to see to it that the West is able to offer help to Ukraine against the Russian Aggression. The United Nations voted in a special summit to compel Russia to withdraw military aggression from Ukraine, however, the move has not yielded a ceasefire. Russia has been sanctioned and isolated by mainly NATO and pro NATO countries.
Diplomacy has for a long time played a critical role in ending impasses between and among countries worldwide. However, the current impasses seems ready to sacrifice the Globalization concept at the Alter of Power.

Russia is a key economic partner to many European countries. Russia through Gazprom is the major supplier of Oil and Gas as well as Electricity in many European countries. After the country was sanctioned and isolated on the international scale. President Vladimir Putin ordered that any country wanted to do business with Russia more especially those from the European block should buy Russian products using Rubles a Russian Currency. Many European countries have burgled to the Demands of Kremlin and it is now back to business as usual. The move by the European Union and the European Countries puts in to question what kind o sanctions were imposed on Russia? Accepting to buy and accessing Russian products is in a way indirectly supporting the Russian Aggression in Ukraine thereby making innocent lives of Women, Children and Youths to suffer. If Russia was being sanctioned and isolated internationally, then the World economy should not have had the negative effects arising from the war. The accomplices to this war are the major economic powers that are purchasing Russian products.
Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine alone has catapulted the price of Brent Crude Oil to $123 per barrel. This is going to negative affect many economies in the World which are just trying to recover from the recession caused by thee global pandemic the COVID-19. The Russian Aggression has also raised alot of eye blows in regard to global unity in fighting problems and challenges. Globalization is a concept that the World is connected as one through the supporting of progressive and sustainable development initiatives.

The reaction of the Europeans to the Russian Aggression in Ukraine tells us that European Problems are World Problems but Problems in other continent ate not World problems.


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