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US -Russia War on Africa

The US State Department released a report concerning Russia’s “Disinformation” on the continent of Africa.

“In some parts of Africa – including, most recently, Mali – Kremlin-linked proxies exploit instability to gain influence, particularly through disinformation and the deployment of the Wagner Group forces.” The US Stated Department stated

The department also reported that an Internet Research Agency (IRA) linked to the Kremlin has been targeting African journalists primarily in Nigeria, Cameroon, The Gambia, Zimbabwe and Congo to report pro-Russia viewpoints.

In recent years, more African countries, especially former French colonies have been strengthening their relationship with Russia, a move that’s widely popular among citizens of those countries – particularly Mali.

Analysts argued that Africans’ attempt to move away from the old colonial system; an old structure that the majority of Africans viewed as ‘predatory’ is a well-thought decision and not something influenced by outside propaganda.

“Africa’s current problem is not Russia but the old colonial system” commented a Malian citizen.

Last year, young Africans had a meeting with Macron in Paris and in that gathering they demanded that France must end Le Francafrique – a post-colonial structure.

“I asked Macron to seek forgiveness from Africans, stop empowering African dictators and stop the pseudo paternalistic cooperation,” the Senegalese social entrepreneur recounted his exchange with Macron

African Report Files


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