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” Western imperialism must be seen as one of the most hostile forces that the Black Continent has ever faced. A foe which entire prosperity is based on the brutal and perpetual exploitation, oppression and subjugation of the Black continent. In other words, the West is the enemy of Black African fundamental interests and aspirations to sovereignty, freedom and unification.

The above accusations are not just vain words but a rational realization based on an honest historical analysis of Western imperialist involvements on the Black Continent, which when thoroughly scrutinized reveal itself to be aiming at one particular goal: the everlasting subjugation of Black Africa.

Make no mistake, the much awaited liberation of the Black Continent cannot be possible without the total liquidation of the foundations of Western imperialism across Black Africa and the ultimate destruction of the West as an historic force of global oppression.

Indeed, the Western world and its wicked and bloodthirsty powers have waged through the last centuries a long cunning struggle (spanning different historical epochs) against the Black continent and its masses. Many unforgettable events of our recent past that have shaped the historic conditions of our present material subjugation to the West, were truly the visible manifestations of this struggle to death that the West has been and is still waging against us.

The difficult times of the Atlantic Slave trade during which the West has used exploited Black African labor in the form of slavery to build the prosperity of its modern nations….the brutal times of the colonization of the Black continent, which started with the scramble of Africa in Berlin in 1885, that led to Western armies ravaging, pillaging the Black Motherland and ended with the West taking over Africa by using both the force of arms and the spread of the religious poison of Christianity.

Even the present neocolonial chokehold it has on the Black Continent at this moment is still nothing else than the this same historic struggle of the West against Black Africa morphing throughout time, its perfect modern incarnation.


Could the West be considered as a friend of Black Africa? To this question, only a fool or a puppet of Western imperialism would give an affirmative answer.

The West is our enemy, not because I say so, but truly because it has built and is maintaining its evil global system of domination on the back of Black African oppression. This is what history tells us, this is what our present reality demonstrates.

So then why are all our present governments, republics, states and polities diplomatically friendly with the West? What is the true meaning of such brainless conciliatory diplomatic stance vis a vis of the West from Black African rulers?

The answer is simple Black African leaders are puppets of the West, some of its staunchest servants among us. They are not working for the people but for the enemies of our people. Not for the restoration of Black African dignity but rather the perpetuation of the status quo of Black Africa’s subjugation to the West.

Open your eyes Black Africa, you are ruled by traitors and agents, every single one of your rulers is an agent, either willingly or unwillingly!

Meanwhile our corrupt neocolonial governments have shackled us all in debts due to their loyal allegiance to Western global criminal capitalist institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank, to which they have sold out our economic destinies.

In truth, when it comes to the financial aspects of our servitude to the West, no Black African governments or rulers can deny the above accusations. It doesn’t take rocket science to know that the institutions of Bretton Woods are tools of Western imperialist domination that will never bring about economic prosperity in Black Africa, that’s not what they were created for.

So then why all modern Black African republics are still to this day faithfully working with the IMF and World Bank, implementing their failed neoliberal programs of austerity which constantly impoverish the masses of Black Africa while enriching foreign multinational corporations? Of course because they are as political constructs, devoid of any real sovereignty. The independence of our present republics is a terrible lie. Our republics, modern States and governments are all under the thumb of the Western imperialist overlords.

Besides, as a result of the alliance of our corrupt and treacherous ruling elite with the Western forces of global capitalism, we are now shackled in debts, all Black African republics are prisoners of debts, totally financially enslaved, this is the reality.

Our rulers have sold us out to the global capitalist elite in the name of their own selfish interests. The neoliberal capitalist economic policies dictated by their masters sitting at the IMF and World Bank that they tirelessly implement on the Motherland are the proofs…

Even their pathetically corrupt African Union, the supposedly most powerful continental institution that they have created to fool the masses of Black Africa, is financed in large parts by the West, through the European Union , the United Kingdom and the United States.

A dignified and truly liberated Black Africa can only be against the West and its imperialist powers in its actions and interactions, this is the Africa we Mensaists want, the Africa of tomorrow.

Contrastingly, a confused Black Africa displaying a friendly diplomatic stance with the West in the face of a clear imperialist agenda of total domination is a subjugated one. One that has lost her soul. One on a pathway to total destruction. This is the Africa of today, the one ruled by puppets of the West (as well as other imperialist powers) and their divided corrupt neocolonial republics.


Black Africa is at an historic crossroad of extreme importance, radical decisions must be taken in order for us to do away with these present humiliating times of Black African subjugation and oppression. For this, a total redefinition of our international relationships is more than ever necessary, and as far as the West is strictly concerned, its time to severe all ties.

Yes, we must rightfully as an oppressed people rise up against the West both practically and symbolically…at a minimum politically, economically and culturally. This is unavoidable if we are to liberate ourselves and bring about the redemption of our sacred Motherland.

We must invent for ourselves a new path towards our restoration as a nation. A path, totally different from the failed path of Western global capitalism and awful neoliberal project which only leads to the swindling of Black Africa’s resources.

Western powers are criminal entities, maintaining their prosperity by sucking the blood of the oppressed while draining the wealth of the global South. The likes of the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Israel and other Western powers are all criminal imperialist nations guilty of atrocious crimes against the masses of Black Africa and the Third world as a whole.

The righteous thing to do is to severe all ties. This is the only rational course of action to be taken against such dangerous, immoral and bloodthirsty entities.

That being said, the constant consorting of Black African head of states and governments with these very same criminal Western imperialist nations dripping in Black blood, must not be tolerated anymore and be seen in the end for what it is: the proof that the present Black African ruling elite is the enemy of the Black African people!

The trojan horses that will lead the Motherland to an ultimate collapse if nothing is done. They must be stopped!”

Source: Lumumba Malcolm Facebook page


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