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Yohane Mbeeya Moono

To Change the Physical World, we need to Change the roots for the Fruits to be better

Therefore we need to Change Our Thoughts for our Results to get Better

We all Live in a Physical World. Many times we strive to change the Physical World yet the Problem is beyond the Physical World

For Us to achieve the Change we Desire, we need to be in the Right Place

It is not Enough to be in the Right Place but it is Far Better to be with the Right People at the Right Time in the Right Place

To Change the World we need Resilience and Perseverance Yet we only Express Optimism and Pessimism

As we Strive for Change, we are Treasoned by Our Thoughts, Imprisoned by Our Artistry, Curtailed by Our Musketry

When we seek Change we feel we are grafted for the Upper Echelons, Created for the Upper Chambers

The Dissuasion and Persuasion of Failure to Deliver Change weighs Heavily on Our Thoughts.

Change is the only Constant the Physical World lectures Us. Our Thoughts are Shrouded in Domination and Our Judgement Crowded in Condemnation

The Temptations to Throw-in the Towel Weighs Heavily on Our Thoughts, Our Imprisoned Thoughts often lead Us often to Creative Wilderness and Our Hands experience Numbness



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A Writer, A Diplomat in Waiting, Climate Change Advocate and a Football Administrator

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