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President Embaló Dissolves Parliament in Bissau

Guinea-Bissau’s President Umaro Sissoco Embaló has dissolved the parliament, three months after he had said he had survived a coup attempt.

In a statement quoted by the Reuters news agency he accused the lawmakers of corruption.

He also cited “persistent and unresolved differences” with parliament, the AFP news agency reports.

“The National People’s Assembly has defended and protected, under the guise of parliamentary immunity, deputies heavily indicted for crimes of corruption, harmful administration and embezzlement,” the president said.

Mr Embaló dismissed the government, but kept both the prime minister and his deputy in place in order to keep things running until the next legislative elections, VOA says.

“I have decided to give the floor to Guineans so that again this year they can freely choose at the ballot box the parliament they wish to have,” President Embaló said.

Guinea-Bissau has seen more than a dozen coups or attempted coups since independence in 1974.

Shooting broke out in the capital in February and 11 people were killed in five hours of fighting.

The president said there had been an attempt on his life, but some later questioned his version of events.



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