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Tourism Combo- Lochinvar National Park

Yohane Mbeeya Moono

Zambia’s Tourism Combo has been dominated by the Let us Explore anthem centering on the Mosi oo Tunya or the Shungu Namutitima which translates as the “Smoke that Thunders.” The advertisement that the Most oo Tunya receives has eclipsed some of the Tourists Destination which the country has. Zambia is a gem in terms of Tourism with alot of sites still unexplored.
Zambia as a country is blessed with 20 National Parks which are home to different animal and bird species. There are also 34 Sport Administration (Game Management) areas. These are aimed at protecting the wildlife species in the country. Of the 20 National Parks, the Kafue National Park stands out as the largest National Park. It is said to equivalent to the size of Wales of the British Isles.

Another National Park that stands out and has the potential and capacity to bring more tourists both local and international is the Lochinvar National Park in Monze District of Southern Province. The Lochinvar National Park is situated on the Southern Edge of the Kafue Flats. The Kafue Flats are a massive water body which forms part of the Kafue River as it journeys towards it’s confluence with the Mighty Zambezi River.

Lochinvar National Park is home to over 420 Bird Species. It is also known as the Bird Sanctuary and does experience the Annual Bird Migration. The Annual Bird Migration takes place annually between October and April. It is a marvel to behold and watch.

The Lochinvar National Park as said earlier is situated on the Kafue Flats a massive water body. This is so unique as it provides an opportunity for Boat Cruising and even maybe WaterPolo and Rowing. Rowing is an Olympic Sport which is played on water with teams compete on the who rows the fastest. The Lochinvar National Park provides for such an opportunity. When such games are introduced in Zambia this is going to help increase the number of tourists visiting Zambia. This because the country will have diverse Tourist Attractions and Activities.

The Lochinvar National Park remains one of the most tourist attractive destinations that the country needs to serious market to the World. Tourism can easily compete with Mining Activities to the National Gross Domestic Product once it is well package and delivered to the outside World. For Example, Zambia’s tourism industry contributed 7% of GDP (USD 1,701 million) and 7.2% of total employment (469 thousand jobs), whereas international visitors spent USD 849 million, representing 10% of Zambia’s total exports in 2019. Tourism remains the gem which has not been fully polished by Zambia and Zambians.

Zambia’s Tourism Combo can never be complete without fully actualizing Tourists Destinations as the the Bird Sanctuary in the Lochinvar National Park. Zambia needs to diversify her Tourism Combo in order to get the full benefits of the many tourists attraction endowed in the Country


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