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Some Notable Points From ZSL


Yohane Mbeeya Moono

The Decision taken by the Red Arrows Football Club Management to sack then Head Coach Honour Janza and give the team to little known Chisi Mbewe has finally paid dividends. Chisi Mbewe had to steady the ship and build a team worthy of Champions. Even in Continental Football they performed well serve for one bad game in Tanzania against Simba. Lessons must have been learnt and will be better prepared for the next campaign in Continental Football. That 17 games unbeaten run showed Arrows were serious about winning the league. They fully announced their serious credentials with the trouncing of Kansanshi Dynamos in Solwezi 5-0.

The Power Dynamos Football Club Management went into the just ended campaign without a plan. If they had gotten this managerial team at the beginning of the campaign the would have challenged Arrows for the title. Mwenya Chipepo has shown that he can manage at the top and the Power Dynamos Football Club Management should look at sponsoring him to further improve his tactical acumen and Power Dynamos could challenge for the title next season.

Zesco United seem to have some in squad wrangles that have not helped the team during the campaign. Rumours of a fallout between Coach Numba and Kelvin Mubanga Kampamba are just an example of things not be right at the 9 times Zambian Champions. They need to put their house in order and they will be to a force to reckon with once again in both African Football and the local front.

Green Eagles Football Club are probably the most ambitious club with their desire to always compete in continent football. Perhaps the teams needs a foreigner in it to spark the beyond their failing point. Again they failed to win silverware after losing in the Semi-final of the ABSA Cup to Red Arrows.

Green Buffaloes are the biggest disappointment of the just ended campaign. Having started brightly and led the league when Red Arrows, Power Dynamos and Zanaco were all in the Relegation Zone. How they fizzled out and ran out of steam remains the biggest mystery of the season. They were not helped by letting top scorer John Friday Samu join Maritzburg in the Premier Soccer League in South Africa.

Zanaco invested heavily in the squad but the squad failed to deliver on two fronts. They were very miserable in the group stages of the Confederations Cup and failed to mount a title challenge. They drew so many matches and that cost them a return to continental football next season.

Coach Boyd Mulwanda has proved that he is a top coach meant for the Premier League. Buildcon were doing fine under his tutelage and took relegation threatened big spending Kansanshi Dynamos to the cusp of a top 8 finish. Months back with Tenant Chilumba that seemed unthinkable for the Solwezi Outfit. But the decision to bring Boyd Mulwanda gave the Mabanga Boys hope of of top 8 finish and forget about the Relegation Story which had earlier threatened them.

Sharp Konkola Blades provided the best and most interesting banter on Social Media but their Social Media activity was not matched with performances on the pitch. A quick return to the University was confirmed weeks ago.

Chambishi Football Club have always been known for playing some beautiful football. They had to put up a good run of results which saw push up the table and ensure they didn’t not return so quickly to attending Lecturers at Eden University.

Nkana Football Club always provides us with the talking points every season. Inconsistent meant that the Bestone Chambeshi tutored side could not mount a title challenge. Their behaviour once again this season was brought into the limelight with their antics at Nkoloma Stadium which ultimately led to Nkana being order to play some games behind closed doors.

Nkwazi Football Club seems to have began the season with the sole objective of making it to the ABSA Cup. After this objective was meant the team fizzled out and flirted with relegation.

Kabwe Warriors are one of the disappoints of the just ended Zambian Super League campaign. Having tested continental football since the 1980s, the team showed little ambition to return to the Big time again

Forest Rangers Football Club Management just like Power Dynamos Football Club went to the just ended campaign without a plan and clear objective of what they wanted to achieve.

Kafue Celtic Football Club entertained us with some nice football and some talented youngsters who will soon be household names in Zambia. But the decision to let Robert Tembo seems to have backfired as the team quickly returns to attending Lecturers at Eden University.

Indeni Football Club Management never had a plan B after losing Coach Mwenya Chipepo. The team began to fizzle out no sooner had they lost their coach. David Chilufya tried but it was too little too late.

Buildcon Football Club once the money bags of Zambian Football but alot seems amiss at Team Kopala. Losing Coach Boyd Mulwanda seriously slowed their momentum and seemed happy for a midtable finish after that.

Prion Leopards Football Club fondly known as the super correct boys seemingly met their primary objective of staying in the Super League and probably next season challenge for the top four. They too invested heavily in the playing squad perhaps an indication of their future ambitions

Lusaka Dynamos Football Club seems to have lost their way. Reports of players getting meagre wages as little as K50 makes sad reading for club a few years ago was having ambitious plans of going to dominating African Football with the kind of squad it was putting up. Relegation could be a blessing in disguise as it would give the club to reorganize itself and come back strong. The once talent factory of Zambian football is going back to school.


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