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“Zambia is Back”, said CEO Tristan at the ongoing Mining Indaba in Cape Town South African at the Convention Center during his vote of thanks to President Hakainde Hichilema’s speech at the event.
Newly appointed First Quantum CEO Tristan Pascal has indicated that the mining sector and the Government in Zambia are now on the same page regarding development of the industry in the country.
Tristan has advised that there has been a desperate need for the mining sector and Government to work together for mutual benefit.
His mining company which employs over 8500 people has noted that over the years ore grades have been deteriorating and there was need for investment in the sector.
Tristan used the mining indaba platform to announce that the company’s S3 project will substantially increase tax revenue for Zambia.

The CEO identified Nickle Mining as the next frontier for the mining company with its investment coming online in the next 12 months. “The Nickel mine will be one of the top 10 Nickel mines in the world”.

On green energy, he informed the Indaba of the over 400MW of wind and solar his MineCo would be looking to bring on board.

According to the Solwezi Today, “Change is in the air at First Quantum Minerals (FQM) as the mining company’s current Chairman and CEO Philip Pascal will retire from the CEO role and continue to serve as Chairman of the Board”. His vote of thanks at the Mining Indaba was his first international event appearance following his ascension to the FQM throne.

Source: Financial Insight


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