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Yohane Mbeeya Moono

Tanzania is country found in East Africa and is part of the East African Community. Formerly known as Tanganyika. Is the only African country to be colonized by two European Power. Before the Second World War and immediately after the Berlin Conference on the Scramble for Africa, she was colonized by Germany. But after the defeat of Germany in the Second World War, Tanzania became a British Colony.

The has had 6 Presidents, with the incumbent being the only and First Female President. The First President of the Country is Mwalimu Julius Kambarange Nyerere. He is still held in high regard in Tanzania for his leadership qualities and involvement in the Pan African Movement. He was replaced by Ali Hassan Mwinyi. The came Benjamin Mukapa as the third President. He was replaced by Jakaya Kikwete as the Fourth President. Then the Fifth was John Pombe Magufuli who became the first sitting President in Tanzania to die in office and was replaced by his then Vice President Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan. The country has a unique of philosophy which has seen 3 Christians take the Presidency and 3 Muslims also take the Presidency. Nyerere, Mukapa and Magufuli were all Christians while Mwinyi, Kikwete and Suluhu Hassan all hailed from the Muslim community. The two Religions are the biggest in Tanzania. Tanzania got her independence in 1961 and has never changed the ruling party. The Chama Cha Mapinduzi has ruled the country since 1961 when Julius Kambarange Nyerere became the first President.
The country has a Population of about 59.7 Million people and has thrived under the slogan of Ujamaa which means Working Together. The Ujamaa principle has served the country so diligently that the Country’s economy is Private Sector Driven. Big local companies such as AZAM are major economic players and drivers. Tourism, Mining and Agriculture have formed the core of the Tanzanian economy. The Mount Kilimanjaro, The Baga Moyo Memorial Site and the National Parks that host a lot of wildlife form as part of the Tourism Combo Tanzania offers to the World. The manufacturing industry is slowly punching above it’s weight and being counted on as a major economic sector. As of December 2021 the Gross Domestic Product of Tanzania stood at 55 Billion Dollars and with a reduction in COVID-19 cases, the Gross Domestic Product is projected to grow to 62 Billion Dollars which represents a growth of 7 %.
The country uses Kiswahili as the official language besides English. The country has over 80 dialects but has remained united despite the so many dialects and the creation of Kiswahili has been hailed as a major coup in Uniting the country.


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