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The Five Richest Countries in Africa for 2021

A trivia compilation by Rev Walter Mwambazi

Here are the five richest countries in Africa according to GDP-PPP from bottom up for 2021

#5. Gabon $16,559*
#4. Botswana $17,163*
#3. Equatorial Guinea $18,698*
#2. Mauritius $22,311*
#1. Seychelles $28,060*

As can be seen, Seychelles has more than double the earning capacity and wealth than South Africa factoring in the population and quality of life for its citizens. Oh, and South Africa did not make the list for top five.

But for those interested, they sit at #6 – South Africa $14,224! This is an increase from 2020 where their figure was $13,754*!

For those who are curious, the same list shows that 18 out of the 20 poorest countries are in Africa. Though Zambia is not among them, we have been losing our place in terms of wealth, we now made the list at #32 with $3,410! 🥺

Bear in mind that back in 2018 when I first saw this list Zambia was at #45 with $4,400+! So, we have been slipping down this list over the last 3 years.

And by the way, this list is not compiled based on GDP alone in which case Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya would be highest with Congo DR (potentially speaking) being higher than all three combined. No! It’s based on the income per Capita, GDP and PPP averaged over the population number and lifestyle.

*GDP-PPP – Gross domestic product per capita adjusted for purchasing power parity.

PS: These values are expressed in current international dollars, reflecting a single years currency exchange rate and PPP adjustments. The data has been sourced from the IMF and World Economic Outlook Database in April 2021


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