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Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda was to turn 98 years today April, 28. But for the cruel hand of death. Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda fondly remembered as KK was Zambia’s Founding President
In 1968 three years after gaining Independence, Zambia stayed a night without a President when Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda decided to resign on grounds that he couldn’t lead a nation that was divided on tribal lines. Southerners had teamed up with Northerners while Easterners had teamed up with Westerners. Because of his Immense Leadership, the United National Independence Party-UNIP had to have a rethink on its reorganisation. In 1972 fours on from the day he resigned, Zambia was declared a One Party State after the Choma Declaration and the One Zambia One Nation motto was enshrined in the Zambian Constitution.
The One Zambia One Nation motto is a now symbol of what Zambia is about and stands to continue Uniting the People of this Nation. Despite the cold hand of Death, Kenneth Kaunda’s legacy lives on. He transformational leadership style which saw Zambia get transformed is another of his many legacies that still lives on and speaks for the Founding President of Zambia. He was a champion o Democracy as he graciously accepted defeat in 1991 after 27 years on the Top Leadership Position of the country. His Acceptance of defeat set the tone for the country to be a shinning example o Democracy. Since then, every incumbent who lost an election has always graciously handed over power a Hallmark that Zambia stands proud of today.

In June 2021 after the curtain had fallen on the life of Zambia’s Founding President, then Incumbent President Edgar Chagwa Lungu declared that the day Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda was born will be designated as a Holiday to Celebrate and Keep the Legacy of Kenneth Kaunda alive

Happy Birthday posthumously


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